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Completely random When you've absolutely nothing to do or you forgot what you were supposed to do while online,'s a nice place to surf. How ah... all the 21st birthdays coming up.. that's what's keeping me up RIGHT NOW. presents. timing. packaging. oh man cards! touching touching must see tears =) plus inexplicable, unprompted, automatic planning for future holidays SOMEDAY hang-gliding (too much discovery living) bungee jumping (too much sec 2 science) caravanning in NZ! (I think Am brought this on.. lol) & at last, something do-able like next week a day at the zoo. I'm so gonna have weird dreams tonight.

Counting the Blessings of 08

T . H . A . N . K . S !

Jeanfor being my sounding board, encourager, blesser, companion, friend, God's messenger to me throughout 2008.Even without speaking to you, I learn so much just by watching you live out your life mantra: love. Think God really placed you in my life to teach me how to view people in His way - this is not an exaggeration when I say that I see and find Jesus in you! May I be able to put to practice all you've advised me about in the year ahead! Love you & thank God for letting me have the privilege to be your twin =)

Mic for accepting me for who I am and driving us home when you can! I think what I learnt most from you is to pursue the things that needs done, for you to get a breakthrough. And I thank you for taking the time to draw us aside and unload what is important, and you feel is important for us to know. I treasure your advice and your straight-shooting ways a lot! I feel the love in your friendship because not only are you there through the fu…