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feeling at home

i just wanna start it over - in a good way =) taking the good and leaving the bad, just redoing this whole mindset of how limited and undeserving and etc. reasons why i shouldn't/can't chase after the things in my heart.

i seriously don't get why Alice in Wonderland got the criticisms it got! loved it to bits. was seriously craved for entertainment and society this week but i shall not complain because i love being tired-but-happy =) the movie made my week! i totally love Alice & how she dared to break all the limitations society and she had set in her life!

it's true, boldness comes from the Holy Spirit.

anyway, proof of switchfoot awesomeness:
(ehhh can't embed...) check out 'This is Home' by Switchfoot, official music vid!

warmed up

lol it's almost halfway through my industrial attachment (I finally realized IA & Internship aren't the same! O.O hmm) & I'm finally getting warmed up to the people there & the oh-so-quiet-working-environment. Finally dared to whip out my earphones & get onto Youtube for my music fix. With a lot of looking over my shoulder. HAHA.

I think IA kinda made me discover a lot about myself. I'm a workaholic! OK, as in, I don't LOVE the serious office, with everyone's expression carefully blank & kept fixated on their screens (it's a small office so the boss sees everything). But I really prefer work than school. Obviously I miss shopping & being able to complacently be late for my appointments... AND I get updated about my friends' life through blogs - and not even frequently at that!

Guess I'm really learning a lot...and it makes me feel like there's a point to working hard? Like coming out into the workplace, you really discover …