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nononono don't wanna become a working hag - getting tired so easily, not enough exercise & outings.

treatment for the soul

> go to the National Museum for the 'Quest for immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt' exhibit (Free admission for students; Adults - $15 excluding SISTIC fees)

> watch a GOOD movie, but yeah, now's not the season. maybe a good arthouse film? (where do you go to watch those?)

> sentosaaa

> good italian meal. good defined as value-for-money. no, cheap. yeah. hahahah

> acrylic paints

> painting paper

> mushy letters XDDD

> pedicure (i have old woman's feet :( )

> reverse bungee! need 3 more takers on this ;D

climate change

is it just the weather or is it just me - keep slumping into a coma at 10.15pm - it's been like this for 2 days straight. and it's not as if i get real good sleep! AND i keep not-calling Cel - sorry! ><

lol. i'm not like playing up on my age to make ppl feel bad - but i think i've finally passed that time where i can just go ahead with any plan and expect my body to just hold out on me. what with work and everything, it's become essential that i get my sleep on sunday to avoid feeling like i need to catch up on it throughout the rest of the week. boohoo. haha at least i finally understand what gives with commuter attitude in the morning. hope i don't morph into that!

celebrated the boss' birthday in office today. think it's realy hard for expats to work in singapore sometimes - the working attitude of singaporeans is really quite different in general, and it takes the most outgoing of people to get themselves fully integrated with the singaporean cr…

out of touch

Wow. Just caught up on others' blogs (can i say this, KL, Jang, Mic, LK, Jean, JX... etc.) u guys write really well!

I keep complaining about how engineers just don't touch language anymore 'so what'd u expect'. Hence, everytime I remember I have a blog, and go to all the trouble switching on the lappie & going through several tries with the password (pretty telling.), just clicking 'New Post' is enough to wipe your mind clean of any coherent thought.

So. gotta practice practice practice. So don't mind me when this blog just becomes a litany of what I ate and saw and did cos I don't wanna become an online editor of "Joanne's opinions - Get yours' today" anyway. ;D

Anyway, just wanna say during these weeks leading up to Arise & Build, truly it's been hard to keep yourself on a faith-high. Revelation is needed every step of the way. It's true, the moment you start working and get more money coming in, it's just harde…


I dunno I've been thinking... sometimes it's good for people to be domineering - yeah, you get things done, the world is enriched by opinion, what needs to be said gets said. BUT somehow I feel that it expands you to not always put your own opinion at the forefront.

The cliche that it takes 2 hands to clap, is true for every situation. Seriously. Things turn from wrong to right, when the situation turns in your favour. Isn't that true? I dunno, there's always a time to go with your heart, say what you feel, be who you are etc. etc.

And there's always a time to choose.