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Today, I was caught between amusement, sadness and conviction when a friend who once attended CHC as a kid, commented that tongues was gibberish.

Yet I made a decision that I will not be stumbled or fearful of man's faces any longer.

Why do I love Jesus even though it's stupid to the world to:
- give up weekends to commit to CG n church
- tolerate and commit time to build up relationships with people that may stretch my capacity
- give of my finances
- submit to people whom i may not have learnt to respect
- wait for God's anointing when i can run off and do what i'm talented in
- give up what i desire for what God desires me to do like my future career, my personal dreams
- often be up to my neck in committments because of the needs of the church/cg/so many different groups of friends
- bring impulses into discipline, such as desire for relationships, desire for revenge, desire to cut people down
- 'be someone you are not'

because. I watched the Passion of the Christ on G…