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dead to the world till near-afternoon. tea. leftovers. time to savour the wind through the open window. kungfu panda. screwing up courage. amazement at grace - i didn't fail any module. i am officially a C-student though. decision to trust and plow on.

goals. sitting down to ponder the price. time to LIVE. =)

Pre-Christmas busyness

The past week has been moderately busy yet unbelievably tiring. But it was definitely a week of many firsts.

Had a good time nuah-ing at LK's house and discovering rock band. Lol.. Realized i missed hanging out with lots of people though. hopefully this season of my life, i'll learn to manage my time and reach some kind of equilibrium.

Had a Christmas mini dinner on fri - Sharon, Isabel, Ai and Jean's friend Eileen came over and we cooked! It wasn't totally like 100% awesome food, but think it was pretty good if you knew how gabra it truly was. But I really admire JEANNIE POK for being so game, sporting, positive and having such a large capacity to host and be so giving =) it was really fun - i really enjoyed just sitting back and talking to Bel and Sharon. Wah.. feel like i learned alot of stuff just in those few hours alone.

Topped the week off with shopping date with Darius and Zhini!!! =D Had great great fun catching up with them - miss you guys! Not to mention that D…

photos uncovered today

Shopping for jeans today, i made my first new year resolutions. 1. No more fast food. I mean it.!!! 2. Jog. Swim. ANYTHING to tone up. Watching Stomp The Yard last night (AWESOME!), i resolved 1. to ask God and work on intelligence AND character. 2. learn to dance! like really.

toughen up

how to have your own mind and yet be accepting? how to be decisive and not be overbearing? how to be tough and not hardened?

how to be 'innocent as a dove, and shrewd as a snake'?

* * *
sometimes i hold back, not because i disapprove, but more because i don't know what to think about it. it's kinda being in the middle of an essay, still not sure what the conclusion is, but giving room for both sides of the argument. maybe for the sake of people who've already made up their minds, i should decide soon. even if it means having a different stand.

* * *
read "The Love Languages of God" by the author of "The 5 Different Love Languages" the past few days. think it really gave me a handle towards understanding people better. it didn't strike me as being very important when we were first taught about different love languages - how different individuals feel loved when it comes in a specific form. it was somewhere with the conclusions of quizzes and perso…