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I like Pst Kenneth Hagin Jr for one fact that liberated me: no one on earth now, or past, or present (other than Jesus) cares for you more than you yourself does.

Sometime, I gotta face up to the decisions I've made so far. Sure, step 1 of growing up: clean up after yourself. Step 2: take care of yourself
But that's harder said than done. It's sobering to realize that all my decisions geared towards feeding my short-term desires (i want to sleep, i want to read, i want good food, i want to have fun, i want to live life now) have not always been beneficial. After 19 years of living, the past few months having to fend for myself financially & exercising more freedom in going where i want to, have all shown me one thing - i've little or close to nothing for which i am proud of.

Yea - caring. Does it all boil down to making another person/yourself feel good, giving whatever it takes so a person's so-called need is satisfied or showing love only in a way that the othe…

on hands and knees

yea quite excited abt all these stuff coming up in the next few months

1. New house - moving by May 26th

2. POS - May 31st!!!!!!!!!!! O.O'''

3. Emerge - May 31st - Jun 2nd ^^

4. Beloved cousins coming over! Mid-June & Mid-July!

5. Redang trip! Snorkeling! XD Jun 3rd - 7th WOO~

6. SERMON ON THE MOUNT - it's exciting to be on the same page as the rest of the church. :'@ v touched :)

are there words enough to express
the me crying out for you
sweep aside all other things
i'm coming in pressing in
i say i decide i persist
that i want more
i will receive more
i will get my breakthrough
the road sweeps wide in front of me
my flesh despairs
but my spirit leaps with joy
that i still have a chance
to do things right
no matter the detours
i still have time
oh God take me beyond this flesh
that experiences tiredness
that is easily depressed
that cannot love beyond things i understand
i want to see -
depth beyond the natural
i want to hear -
your voice of hope speaking into my situation
your plans…


Here ache, there ache, everywhere ache!
That's a summary of how going back for POS training after a 1.5 yr hiatus does to you! hahaha~ but no regrets - seeing people (jc2s!) sacrificing sleep, studies, family time n comfort to put together a performance to inspire other youths to get on fire, it's either you get it or you don't.
Haha.. I remember again how tiring Emerge conference is, both before and during the whole event. BUT like wat many say, if you don't get involved physically, you can't get the most out of the conference spiritually. It's not too late guys!
Thank God, that He's really blessed my family time - quality, not quantity. ><
Last Sunday, we celebrated Mom's Day (get ahead of the crowd this week! hehe.. smart move eh.. Mom's idea, not mine!) at Changi Airport's Swensons. Woohoo... everyone was just leaving room for the ice cream la! Anyway, Swensons has really improved their menu so really, a RECOMMENDATION here for u guys rack…