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A Lesson An MRT-ride Long

It's true! Perfect love casts out all fear. Looking back, I realize that all the mistakes and offenses that others have made against me, have all been imperfections or differences of others which God has used to shape me. In that same vein, it must be true that God can use me whether or not I feel adequate or not, or even when I'm aware or not, to help others in one way or another.

Like what AR Bernard said, God is always working!

Understanding that God is a God who is always ready to give us a cleanup and a new slate each day... it really does away with a lot of limits I set upon myself. Some maybe well-intentioned, not wanting to be a stumbling block, not wanting to say the wrong thing... But people are tougher than we think, and we aren't doing it all on our own. God is always there to be more than sufficient for our weaknesses.

That said, thanks God for teaching me mercy, and to listen more than I talk. I think I still need practice though.