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These past week or so at school, have been exposed to a lot of the existent wrong doctrines that are popular, so to speak, in our generation. Some I don't know the answer to. Some I realize are existent in various forms, in my own life.

That got me thinking more deeply, spurred on by some stuff that happened.

I realize that no matter how many times we hear something, unless we get it in our spirit, we don't really get it at all. Perhaps that is the purpose of trials, of discipline through our mistakes.

I learnt this week, the cure to compromise. To be disciplined concerning myself. I, no, we who call ourselves Christians and sometimes pride ourselves to be more knowledgeable etc. over non-believers or other Christians, we need to learn to judge ourselves according to the standard that God set in the Bible. Yes, 'have to' as in, it's definite. No maybes, no compromises, no gray areas and 'according to case-by-case basis'.

Everytime we can't understand WHY we…


this won't be some exposition on what freedom is ;D

free = from my voice, you know, the one that's not so crazy about God.

free now to embrace who God created me to be. it's funny how we search and ask God for our purpose, what He made us to DO, but freak out when God is interested in what He made us to BE.

that's totally how i was influenced since young. i remember that in primary school, when Jean and I were streamed into different streams and classes, i wasn't so close to her anymore. there was no time for games, no time to waste hanging out with friends and stuff. after homework and time with my family in front of the television, there was only time left for ME time. no surprise, i had my first white hair when i was 11. but i liked the regularity, the discipline, the sense of purpose and accomplishment. that was who i was - the EM1 child my parents could talk about proudly, the one who wasn't that popular but got along with teachers, classmates, and more impor…

Revelation (of my Randomness)

455 am

Yay, finished Assignment 4... though it's 3 days late. =)

Revelation from 'The Church of the Living God' by Pst Ulf:

Spirit of revival comes first upon the believers, before it spreads throughout society.

Revival comes from God, to the church that is trained and prepared to receive the harvest.

Revival comes in the midst of darkness, persecution, rebellion, backsliding and lawlessness... so... don't be discouraged.

I agree. I'm being stretched like a rubber band. But just as my favorite teacher in primary school was the fiercest one, Chinese somemore(!), so I am also stepping into the joy of being discipled.

It always feels right to build from down upwards. Of course, getting down to ground zero is the price to pay.

To bring forth fruit, the seed must die. Even after the plant sprouts, the roots must keep extending deeper, for the tree to extend upwards - for the world to see.

Motivation, discipline, decision, conviction comes when you realize that the engine's o…

Redeeming Time

Item Approx hrs/wk PRESENTLY(ATWP)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------

01> Family time, meaning CONVERSATION
(what keeps my heart soft and my mind sane) 16

02> A social life
pretty non-existent right now) 0

03> 5 'quite intense' looking modules
('intense': could be due to the nonexistence of 45
the term 'simple english' in university)

04> Cell Grp & church
(Diploma: Being Human, Love Pt 1, Anger Management Pt 1...) 16

05> Bible School

06> Connect Grp
(Diploma: Leadership, Servanthood Pt 1, Self-Image, Love Pt 2) 1?

07> Working for less than $6/hr
(Diploma: Marketplace, Servanthood Pt…

God will catch you

God will catch me
He says He's not ashamed of me
Whether i'm weak or not, His hands will not weaken
He allows me to cry
He doesn't minimize my hurt
He will bring me aside to a place of rest
He will be my protection
He is my greatest cheerleader
He believes in me
He gives me the benefit of the doubt
He looks at my heart
He invests in me
He is able to heal me
You will not let me be moved
You are great
You are mighty when I am weak
You do not judge me
You will spend time on me
You speak life into me
You speak good things about my future
You delight in my success
You are there every step of the way
You do not push, you lead me
You understand
You are more than enough
You are my portion
I will find my rest in You.


Realized that my time management is totally out of whack these holidays. It's as if my 'wants' haven't yet caught up with my duties,, so i always end up agreeing to go for things, but end up have to cancel.

Today for example. Felt really bad that couldn't go for store outing - though i really had no mood and i'd to rush here rush there. Prepared the dress and everything, but my mind would not let go of my family obligations. In the end, I spent some much needed time (though short) with cg members (Thanks La for the dresses! I felt v little-sister-loved =)) & home to help out at home, and just be there to support my parents. Hope that these days of clashing will end! Must pray for wisdom and start getting more organized!

Pls help pray for my grandpa. =) He's v old, and age and illness are just catching up with him. My aunt (and cousin!=)) is flying back from Canada - hmm.. i just want him to be able to live life free from his bitterness. that thank God he…


what i believe in, when it tears me up and turns me upside down just to swallow other's opinions?

who i am when no other person can satisfy me than my maker?

what i feel when that's the truth of it, and i love you?

my dreams when God gave them to me?

i will paint. i will draw. i will write. i will sit and enjoy the colors of the sky, and the trees, and the wind and the sight of birds. i will sew. i will cook. i will read. i will sing. i will dance. i will shout. i will laugh. i will smile. i will decide. i will serve with joy. i will find hope in my God. i will pray for His hand in my friends' lives. i will delve deep. i will search. i will find.

i will live the life God meant for me. FREE.