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never give up

Fave song in Darlene Zschech's solo album "Change Your World" =)

Never give up, never give in
Never look back
C'mon now my friend
You're not alone
The hope of tomorrow is calling

There's a brighter day
On the other side
But it's upto you to put back on your stride
So get up, step out, live it
Honey, don't you give up

It's time for you to start to breathe again
For the sun and the moon have never stopped
Shining on you my friend
I know you feel the world has passed you by
But the greatnessin you is starting to rise

Faded dreams need to be recoloured
I know you've had it bad
But it's time to dream again
Write it down my friend
Make it plain oh yeah
That desire you hold
It will see the light of day

What's it gonna take for you to see
That's it's only the grace of God that will set youfree
What's it gonna take for you to
Open up your eyes
Look beyond the skies

Never, never, no never give up!

fine lines

Ecclesiastes 7:16 - 18

Do not be overly righteous, Nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?
Do not be overly wicked, Nor be foolish: Why should you die before your time?
It is good that you grasp this, And also not remove your hand from the other; For he who fears God will escape them all.

What Pastor Tan said today's really true, being mature and freer and freer in God comes hand in hand.

There's a fine line between my own fleshly nature speaking, and common sense.
between fervor for God and actually obeying Him in the way He desires.
between doing what's right and being what's right.
between denying your emotions and directing it through the right channels.
between holy sorrow and a pity party.
between a wish for privacy and a double life.
between wisdom and being judgmental.
between arrogance and healthy confidence.
between a desire to serve and other motives.
between what you say and what you think.
between a healthy social life and compromising to peer pressure.

legal nuah-ing

I feel the need to justify my not getting a job these hols.

i) With year 3 looming, i realize that this hols is one of the last handful of holidays that I can fully enjoy, bumming around, working on mini-projects & things I like & which i will have to devote less time to when I get a job after graduation (FAITH!), enjoying student meals and cheap ways to be entertained.

ii) The only long-term source of income in sight for most students (alas I'm still working on talents that might help make me richer like this freelance designer i know...) is a tuition job. However, seeing as the oncoming sem will promise 6 modules instead of 5 and a steeper learning curve (i wonder why we resort to formal language and jargons to strengthen our argument), I don't wanna bring both my kid and me down due to poor time management, or just plain overloading on the system.

iii) Plus I really wanna pull my GPA upupup! =)

BUT that just means I gotta spend lesser and get over the wanting to shop. N…