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legal nuah-ing

I feel the need to justify my not getting a job these hols.

i) With year 3 looming, i realize that this hols is one of the last handful of holidays that I can fully enjoy, bumming around, working on mini-projects & things I like & which i will have to devote less time to when I get a job after graduation (FAITH!), enjoying student meals and cheap ways to be entertained.

ii) The only long-term source of income in sight for most students (alas I'm still working on talents that might help make me richer like this freelance designer i know...) is a tuition job. However, seeing as the oncoming sem will promise 6 modules instead of 5 and a steeper learning curve (i wonder why we resort to formal language and jargons to strengthen our argument), I don't wanna bring both my kid and me down due to poor time management, or just plain overloading on the system.

iii) Plus I really wanna pull my GPA upupup! =)

BUT that just means I gotta spend lesser and get over the wanting to shop. Not that there's much anyway. I just really wanna get a swimsuit and start swimming!


jangjang said…
quickly buy then we go evening swimming tgt! =) and shop tgt with me pls. my vouchers are expiring soon but i no desire suddenly. gotten awake the shopping desire! love ya lots ! supper aft SOS tml k.

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