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Had a 2 hour briefing session today. Phew. Late! ><> Heh... impressed! 1. My manager doesn't like to be called 'boss' or 'sir'; 'the customer is the boss'. - Whoa! Haha.. i really got how service was the thing here. *sweat hope I have what it takes. :D 2. The extensive training that we've to go through, on top of frequent & surprise performance reviews - i tio stun. Seriously, I didn't expect the level of standard Starbucks has. 3. The emphasis on connecting w the team. - Haha.. the motto & values kinda reminded me of how cell group is supposed to be like; treating each other with dignity & respect etc. I think that was when I started to relax. 4. So young! Most of the people I met are between 16(O.O) & 22, & they look like they've been working for ages! Yay~ I feel like I'm now empowered financially to be more independent - like spending money on stuff like uniform, shoes etc. which brought me back $100, didn't h…

rainy weather

on the brink of something new: I got the job at starbucks, changi airport! i love the idea of working at the airport. great that it's near my home, only wish that i could cycle home from there. the idea of working while studying, especially with my sem 2 timetable, is a bit worrying since i was already struggling with sem 1. (i didn't know chem engin students didn't need to take physics!!!><) again, wondering if i'm in the right course. who would major in something they're weaker at? Ans: Joanne.

but gd la. steeling myself, counting the cost, stirring up the willingness to sacrifice leisure time, brain-dead hours in front of the tv, crunchyrolling, whatever. in the first place, university really convicts me on my lazy attitude towards studies. the discipline is just not there. seriously, though ppl think i study too much as it is, i dun think i really know what i'm doing half the time. T.x sad case. only the last exams did i realize i just need to really s…

Whacked out body-clock

:) I think late night suppers and reaching home at 4 a.m. is getting to be a tradition. Really hope more ppl can join us for these suppers! On that note, I'll really work hard to walk the talk: GET MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!

Today, lots of ppl turned up so it was really great fun :) Planned to go Mind Cafe near Plaza Sing but lots of holidaying ppl beat us to it. So it was some time loitering around a nearby arcade & then down to PITSTOP near Boat Quay. That place holds a lot of memories; we first went there with friends from E237 - we even found one of the photos we took, right outside the toilet! =D E237 is still scrawled over the door too!

Lol... good lah... thanks guys, i really enjoyed myself. Good lah, feel that the camp really kickstarted the holidays for me. I was getting quite half-hearted in all my plans but now it's really like hauling my lazybones from the bed, get down to the chores, & exploring Pasir Ris more.

Oh! Good news! I'm most likely clinching tha…

NACL2 Breakaway


Phew! It tells you something if I need a day's break after camp, before I can function normally! Lol.. Though I went into camp a bit unprepared, I dun think anything could have prepared me for the camp! I still remember how when I was 12, and staying over at my cousin's house, I would cry at night cos I missed my parents. 12 for goodness sake!!! Haha.. thank God the only crying I did at the camp was due to tiredness on the first day, and because of God's ministering during the sessions!

Totally agree with Mic - the sessions were the main highlights of the camp! I'm really impressed with the youngsters that were there - they were the most excited of all the campers, and they withstood the long hours of standing and worshipping God, praying and the pressures of putting on a skit in front of everyone! I think 1 thing I really felt convicted abt is how OLD I felt inside, compared to them!!! Haha... But seeing the leaders like Sophie, JingXuan, Sarah, Jacqueline etc. all b…