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NACL2 Breakaway


Phew! It tells you something if I need a day's break after camp, before I can function normally! Lol.. Though I went into camp a bit unprepared, I dun think anything could have prepared me for the camp! I still remember how when I was 12, and staying over at my cousin's house, I would cry at night cos I missed my parents. 12 for goodness sake!!! Haha.. thank God the only crying I did at the camp was due to tiredness on the first day, and because of God's ministering during the sessions!

Totally agree with Mic - the sessions were the main highlights of the camp! I'm really impressed with the youngsters that were there - they were the most excited of all the campers, and they withstood the long hours of standing and worshipping God, praying and the pressures of putting on a skit in front of everyone! I think 1 thing I really felt convicted abt is how OLD I felt inside, compared to them!!! Haha... But seeing the leaders like Sophie, JingXuan, Sarah, Jacqueline etc. all being enthusiastic and staying up after everyone has slept, to plan and set things up in the rain, I really felt touched that they really live unlimited and above themselves!

Haha.. needless to say, the camp games were gross, totally unexpectedly fun and very inducive to team-bonding (on the lines of how we 'suffer' together...)! Lol... KUDOS -list!

JOCE for touching the raw chicken!
JEAN for being upbeat and cheering us on!
AI & LA for being the quirky duo to crack us up!
MIC for her elastic face and for 'the michelle thing', and for being so bold to lead despite her tiredness!
JINGXUAN for loving us and accompanying us in the camp though it was tiring & very bias! Hehe XD love you! the peanut butter was moisturizing la... really!
SOPHIE for her sacrificial falling-down-many-times role in the drama! It was VERY touching!!!
CEL for being sporting and sticking through the camp despite her sickness!
DIXON for his excellent attitude in designing our lanyards, getting involved in the drama and being available to lead at all times!
SEAN, LENGKIAN & WAYNE for practising so hard to help bring down the atmosphere in the sessions!
SHARON for teaching me what it means to be really hungry for God & for her straight-face practical remarks that always crack me up! Hahaha~ you really remind me of my mom!
LOU for being so caring and always looking out for everyone, making sure that everyone's involved and feeling loved! =)
ES-POK for her sporting-ness and joy! You're really the energy of the group! =D
STEPHANIE for the food, for staying the first night despite having exams!!! God will bless your results!
YAOPENG for rushing down everyday after training and being so solid about everything!
K LUON, CZ for sticking it through with us and for being so on during the games!
JOSEPH for making it whenever he can, and for being so open about himself!

lol... good la - it's a good way to start off the holidays. =) Feel pumped up and excited about Christmas and about asking my friends to come watch the awesome drama that will be put up! Go Sheila! Go God!!!


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