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crazy livin

I think I've lost the taste for a holiday where I can just slack off - because I can't even enjoy not doing anything anymore! But that's not necessarily bad - I really need to gear up and be 100% present with my body, and not spaced out in books and ideas all the time. Let's call it taking a leaf from Jangsta's book. Haha.. shoutout to the most enthusiastic-about-life, can-do gal I know! =D

Been meditating on the Book of Luke. When you go through dry times, or times when you have to wait patiently for an answer, Luke's a great book to study to seek out the personality of Jesus. Luke 6:1-11, about Jesus being the Lord of the Sabbath. Everything, Everything is really about Jesus. It's hard to be a 20-something, stepping into independence, and not yearn for material things, be ambitious for the life we have been studying for, or the freedom to do what we want, go where we'd like. But doing all that, getting all that just doesn't satisfy anymore - not t…