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celebrate: the human project

Spent a Sat afternoon standing at a corner, watching a weird mix of people walking up to the stage and delivering 15-20 min speeches at TEDxNUS talk. And I thought, these are the doers, these are the people who weren't afraid to fail. Whether they made the right or wrong decisions, something great had to come out of what they persistently endeavored to do... because they put their ideas into action.

And it made me think, Jo, if you didn't fear anything, what would you do?

I would stop criticizing, because I would realize that life is too short to try to control what others do.
AND I would start celebrating people, because that's what gives me energy to do what I need to do.

The funny thing is, when seen in the right light, people's faults become endearing and you can actually say that there is a beauty in our imperfection. The only thought that all my reading boils down to: "What is man that You are mindful of him,Or the son of man that You take care of him?" as …

time out

I need to start living my life pursuing the things I love, not just living it to resist what I don't like.



The world isn't going to stop for me.
And it feels good to drop out of things and just stop.
And ask why.
It's a redundant question - I know the answer.
I think, I just need to hear people say it.
So that I know I'm not alone thinking like this.
But then, I think I gotta get used to being alone.

I know God will find me.

I study because...

1. I wanna see my parents grin and mouth the words 'graduate with honors'... then go research what honors mean.

2. Whether I like it or not, everything I do reflects my attitude. Excellence, discipline, perseverance, committment... they go beyond emotions.

3. I wanna be able to say to my children that I did my best... without being hypocritical.

4. I really wanna get something out of this semester... even if what the Profs are trying to teach gets lost in translation sometimes.

5. No matter how disillusioned I get about reality, I do believe in the importance of education. Just that maybe I've learnt to be more flexible about the forms it takes...

6. If I can't do this simple thing now, then all the big things I wanna do in future = hot air.

so... somehow I'm gonna make something out of this last sem.

frankly, i do like the challenge. :)