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God won't let me burn out =)

brain (instantaneous state) = fried
eye bags = 3 x w, where w = amount of water retention due to lack of sleep for 1 day
mind = work done -> infinity

work done by neck in holding up the increasing weight of my head due to above formulae = F against gravity X distance of head from desk

= weight of (fried brain + eye bags + growing information in mind) X o.3m

==> state of neck = permanent injury

clues pointing to over-mugging:
1) u start thinking of physics theory when going about everyday stuff
eg. looking at the sunset - thought in Joanne's head : the reason why the sunset is so brilliantly red today is due to the added humidity of the sky, due to impending monsoon season, which results in a shorter wavelength of light refracted from the sun, resulting in a more intense red color.

2) when your body voices its protest by lying paralyzed on bed, your mind spins on going through a growing to-do list, and evaluating the chances of getting a >4.0 GPA this semester

3) you wake up after a…
I love rare catches - of books I mean! I remember someone - Isabel i think, was sharing how she would go to the library, get a pile of books, go home and get disappointed with them. Buying books when I was younger used to be so much simpler! Ok, discount the fact that you get let off for standing at the youth section, thumbing a book and starting where you left off the last trip... hahaha...

The past week has been real smooth. That's really something out of the norm since term started! It's like a half-term of turbulence and suddenly zen-like calm and a new capacity to handle the workload. It's as if something that had been developing inside has finally reached surface - thank God for that! :D (dotdotD)

Hehe.. I'm proud of myself - will exercise the discipline to keep it up. One thing though that I'm learning, oddly enough, is to learn to relax. The irony. I guess I swing to extremes. I'm normally quite hard on myself to get things done BUT I'm also an escapi…

Redeeming the Time

I realized these past few days, when i hear myself speak, that I've been making up reasons to excuse my mediocrity - in school, at home, in my relationships.. As what a good friend said, 'tweak my thoughts'! >< If my old ways aren't working, then there's gotta be a change.

What brought this on was the 100th episode of oversleeping in 'Here's My Life: Snore, a case of Joanne-commonness', today. again. Ahh!

Hung out with the pooks La Jang, Leen Bean and Peannette, chatting and 'surprise!'- studying into the a.m. Lol.. I was really running on something else I can tell you, but I totally crashed when I got home at 5am... Tutorials begin at 10 - woo! 2 hours of sleep! - i thought. Then the next thing I know is waking up with my dad announcing lunch time. I glanced at the clock (if you knew my clock, you would understand my confusion. Talk about non-descript, you need a high IQ to read the time off it!) and was all: 'haha.. funny dad, it's…