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thanks Dad

for financial blessings
various hongbaos & birthday blessings
from a cousin that I didn't know cared so much
to offer to loan us through the remaining years
in university
for $90 worth of FOSSIL gift cards
and more importantly
the heart behind a handmade gift
that really made me feel valued

for the wiring between a smile and
the heart
for joy being a decision
and not a reward to be earned
by being pretty
or talented
or intelligent
enough to deserve it

for good memories
and forgetfulness of bad ones

for time
and rightness
to do certain things
at certain times
despite the schedule of the world
and still have the promise
of a good future
as a gift
and a challenge
and your plan for me

for a surprise gift
that comes with age
even one day more
- wisdom!
a good friend

for tears that heal
for pain that grows love
for love that looks in
for giving me courage
to change

Tribute To A Bear

BER - my encouragement, inspiration, fellow wonderer and the best hugger around!
I hate it everytime you leave...
Have a safe trip and term ahead!


hmm... it's kinda ironic but i find myself really hanging for hours trying to post something. I guess some things you can only unload on a friend (or sister :D) and not on the web.

Blog construction not really finished... but I like the skin! (credits to bolong @

Here's an early (probably permanent) wishlist for my 21st
(seriously though I prefer a surprise, like a gift from YOU =) So yeah, this can just serve as an indicator to things I like. No stress & thanks so much for even wanting to get me something.):

Vouchers: Borders, Attributes, Canon (for an ixus cam), IKEA?, topshop? Zara?
Cash (Saving up!:D)Lunch/dinner date (just give a ring or drop an sms!)Hoodie/jacket (check out prev. posts for e kuan4)Sneakers/Dance shoes/BerksBirthday hug!Leather satchel (light brown =))Laptop cover (A4) (quirky's good)Yeeaahh that's about it I guess. =) Hey I don't wanna hear of anyone losing a meal over this - even if you've to get the pirated ver…