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Bought a Michael Kors watch with my birthday FOSSIL vouchers! =) Thanks Jas, Char, Sheryl, Amar and Liyue!!! =) And Jean-zei too for you GENEROUS birthday blessing =)

Still aching badly from completing the Sundown Marathon - who knew that just the act of walking could hurt so bad? I really admire people who run marathons - whether they're trained for it or not. To be able to RUN through a marathon takes physical discipline, to LIMP through the marathon takes mental discipline!

Think it's much needed sometimes to try things out and see where you stand - it was certainly beneficial to know how insignificant I was amongst the throngs of runners!

I highly doubt I'd do it again - but after this, truly, nothing is impossible. I'm glad at least I knew what being at my limits feels like.

looking up

YAY got my results for the sem... 3 B+s, 1 A and 1 A-! =) Seriously pleased!
And received an email from a prof about a part-time job that allows me to work from home.. hope I can get a slot! =)
BTT test booked, and 5 driving lessons.
Now it's only the 42 km marathon to face down =)

First steps

I found out why I don't like to read much during the hols! It's not because of some rebel complex, where I just have to do the opposite of what I'm supposed to do. It's the same as how we begin planning extensively for our holidays right after the first paper's done, mentally checking through our bank accounts (or conveniently skipping this step) and stopping to skim through the reports of Jeju Island, Cheap Holidays to Fit the Times etc. Reading for me stores up life lessons, gives ideas and inspires new activities to try out. The holidays is the green light for these words to become action..!

Actually, forking out money's a pretty good way to make sure all that talk and planning gets translated to something more. Paying for the Sundown Marathon for example. I think 50% of the effort begins now, spending minutes of the day (usually when a stray jogger pops into view as i'm staring out the bus) or night (cos some convenient excuse popped up again why I shoul…

to Am

I like getting up each morning with something in mind to do, and somewhere to go. Bearing that in mind, the fun of the hols though is to have unplanned days.

Was whining to Jean as she rushed her research proposal, that I was bored stiff. On the THIRD day of my holidays! I'd seriously expected my post-exams delirium to last me 2 weeks at least. Seriously. Haha... I know it looks like i'm doing the evil twin routine.

But roughly, hope to learn much more stuff these hols. Driving for one! On top of finding adhoc jobs and meeting up with friends =) Lol Am, this post is for u cos obviously I've not much to talk about! ;DDD