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First steps

I found out why I don't like to read much during the hols! It's not because of some rebel complex, where I just have to do the opposite of what I'm supposed to do. It's the same as how we begin planning extensively for our holidays right after the first paper's done, mentally checking through our bank accounts (or conveniently skipping this step) and stopping to skim through the reports of Jeju Island, Cheap Holidays to Fit the Times etc. Reading for me stores up life lessons, gives ideas and inspires new activities to try out. The holidays is the green light for these words to become action..!

Actually, forking out money's a pretty good way to make sure all that talk and planning gets translated to something more. Paying for the Sundown Marathon for example. I think 50% of the effort begins now, spending minutes of the day (usually when a stray jogger pops into view as i'm staring out the bus) or night (cos some convenient excuse popped up again why I shouldn't jog tonight...) mentally imagining myself jogging (crawling, walking, limping???) past the finish line. Lol... faith to faith i think...

That's why I'm gonna pay the deposit to start learning driving TOMORROW (and blogging this down so I won't back out thinking about my bank account) and trust that God will provide ;D Either way I know I'd enjoy driving - it's just the getting there. Think I'm just gonna go with public school (seeing as how Shui Yong's private instructor speaks Chinese and I'm comfortable with structure anyways). Whatever the cons of driving (economy, prospects of getting a car), I don't wanna waste brain cells calculating - I just remember this dream I had about driving backwards down a slope and into traffic, very skillfully i might add, and it all becomes worthwhile. Though I certainly have no hopes of actualizing that scene!

I'm occupied with stories of British schools, Italian verbs, and how to get access to more films. I have to be more occupied with repairing the things I break around the house (just recently reminded not so friendly-ly), catching up with friends and improving these hols. =)


Anonymous said…
I'll help with your school fees since i'll be a frequent passenger! Love you mojo :] - Jean

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