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just a thought, what does the individual consist of?

- intellect
- knowledge, wisdom

- imagination
- hopes, desires, dreams
- emotion
- sexuality
- ego

- will, determination, strength to finish through a decision, conviction
- passion (I don't think passion is an emotion is it?)
- morals, values
- instinctual knowledge

Integrity: when there is a thread wound through these disparate parts, holding us together and lining us up so that we can be people like that described in 2 Corinthians 9:13, able to glorify God for the obedience of your confession to the gospel of Christ, meaning basically that we are able to live a life that flows from our beliefs, and that doesn't contradict what we say we believe.

--> having godly passion for our loved ones and our other-half
being able to school our emotions with our convictions
living by morals despite of what others may try to teach you
being able to enjoy good, clean fun because you are transparent in your motives

Someone once called …
10 weird things about me:

1. I like studying. Ok... MOST of the time. I think this stemmed back from my days in primary school when being in an EM1 class, and getting the approval of my aunt and all that. Thank
God it developed into a love for knowledge, not just some drive to outdo people.

2. I like watching people drink, like quench their thirst, u know? lol.. don't ask me why, drinking just ups the level of welfare for me. NOT referring to booze. XD

3. I appreciate fashionable clothes - i just don't feel comfortable in them. Dress down's the way to go - though it gets me down when i'm dressed so lok-kok and i'm out shopping. X@ I think La
& Ai would get what i mean.

4. I'm a coward when it comes to relationships.

5. I dream of having horses. (no, not the kinds at turf club)

6. I should be studying now but I'm blogging.

7. Children are my undoing. Take it in the negative AND positive sense.

8. I need to read at least 1 book a day. (help! new books please!)

9. Hi…



it's good to have parents and a sister who can cook! Today's tea consists of hot tea n Jean-made Rosti. I... had the important job of onion-chopper and food critique! XD

Sunday: =) hum.. really need to get into the habit of putting God first. Sunday's vision weekend really impressed the verse in Acts: stand with the reverence of God and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. It's not wholly our reverence or the Holy Spirit being there when we are in need only, that makes up this walk. And I'm really glad for times like this when He provides the strength to do His will.

1 thing abt bible study last wk: Know WHY you're doing something and you will find the strength to do it.

I was freaking out big time about university life - how it's the 6th wk and i still feel overwhelmed by the things i'm studying. But thank God for A levels and Prelims, when I got the same sense of anxiety - it's really an exercise to keep falling back on what God has done for me and…


{I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for people who had a just-do-it attitude without really consciously trying to do so. I desire that in myself. Not just a spark to get things started, dreams into reality, but really, a conviction and discipline to see things through.

BUT just when I get down on myself, counting the things i've failed to achieve, areas I struggle to break through after so many years, it always helps to have someone else tell you what they see in you. That's why I'm born with a twin.

BUT God, I need to hear from You. O God, give me the strength to go where I dare not go, even when I know it's what You want me to do. Thicken my skin, increase my faith, call to me from the waves.

I want to, I can, I need to, and most importantly, I WILL it.}

Watched a movie about Shiloh Eagles, a high school American football team, that lost every game in its season, but experienced revival in every sense of the word, through the prayer of community members, …

midday rant


lol.. i'm all lifted up about Nick Vujicic's 'Nothing is impossible with God' message - but i find myself ranting about how impossible it is to understand my chem lab experiment.


*take a break n get things into perspective*


It's funny how the first reaction I get when people find out I took art, is: really? can you draw portraits/(eg. ME?)? I think that just reflects how instinctively, while landscapes and abstracts definitely have their beauty, man prices recreating the human body on paper as one of the highest forms of art.

Yesterday, i spent my hour and a half ride home, observing people on the train. I saw odd couples at the corners, absorbed in each other; old men in their various shapes and types, some once athletic, others worn from hard labor; the pinched faces of middle-aged women as they stared ahead of them; the smiles on the unlikely face of a teenager at the bright chatter of a hyperactive kid; a young girl with a store-bought birthday cake...

And I feel how amazing it is that God focuses on us. A little part in me agrees with God; there's no end to the permutations of people. I've always wondered how amazing it is that one does not only recognize a person by his appearance, but by…