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it's good to have parents and a sister who can cook! Today's tea consists of hot tea n Jean-made Rosti. I... had the important job of onion-chopper and food critique! XD

Sunday: =) hum.. really need to get into the habit of putting God first. Sunday's vision weekend really impressed the verse in Acts: stand with the reverence of God and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. It's not wholly our reverence or the Holy Spirit being there when we are in need only, that makes up this walk. And I'm really glad for times like this when He provides the strength to do His will.

1 thing abt bible study last wk: Know WHY you're doing something and you will find the strength to do it.

I was freaking out big time about university life - how it's the 6th wk and i still feel overwhelmed by the things i'm studying. But thank God for A levels and Prelims, when I got the same sense of anxiety - it's really an exercise to keep falling back on what God has done for me and choosing to REMEMBER His faithfulness.

I remember, i think either Pst Tan or A.R. Bernard saying this last year during the last lap, when exams are around the corner and I'm wondering what I'm doing at church: 'What does it take for you to lose your faith?'

And I was so convicted: here I am saying that 'Yes, I believe God is the Creator God, meaning that He must be bigger than everything; my problems, even the problems of the world!' Yet it's strange how one side of you can go on believing that, and another worrying that spending time in church is gonna cost you the time spent mugging and pulling out your hair at home.

And I realized that my grades - which aren't going to seem important once I'm done with them, and which only last me a few years before I'm counted outdated anyway - are a stupid reason for me to lose faith in God.

And so I will choose to remember that lesson now, and know that I'm studying hard to glorify my God! =)

Recommended song of the month: Voice of Truth - Refer to my womb-mate's blog!


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