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pick it up

I'm reminded of Pst Tan & how he had this time of his life where he felt this brick wall, preventing him from preaching effectively to the church. And he literally broke through by prayer. I feel that now.

But I remember what I told myself through SOT, that the faster I accept that all these valleys are gonna be a part of my life, the sooner I'll get up and face it - and overcome it.

So attitude-wise, maybe I should start seeing my valleys as a chance to get rid of a lot of junk from my life. ;)

I need time!

Angsty week

I take it as a bad sign that these words came into mind yesterday: "imploding, i-need-a-holiday, leave-me-alone, HAI." And it's my first week plunging into Uni life again.


I really wanna be the enthusiastic, coping-well student that all of us aspire to be. But I can seriously say that I'm a little overwhelmed with the work I've to do, and the persistent feeling I've carried since year 1 sem 1 that I'm studying and struggling in a course that I'm not naturally good at. I don't feel envy when I see students walking around with drawing pads and artsy course materials (Readings are so much better than calculations believe me). I just feel like my inside has withered and I don't really go there anymore - talking about dreams that is.

But that means crying to sleep these few days. Reading Mic and Jingxuan's post, I'm so surprised that others feel less than satisfied with uni life. I realized that I didn't turn to God to talk about it, be…


I'm glad there are tests after all... Tmr's one's on Cultural Mandate... & it's only in the midst of studying that I really realized... HOW MUCH I SLEEP IN CLASS! And it's Pastor Kong teaching for goodness' sakes! Greatttt... Half the time i'm trying to decipher my handwriting.. Haw haw

With regards to sleeping, really must try NOT to during lectures anymore! This sem, I'm like HUHHHHHH??? from the first slide to the middle... only when the lecturer switches to a new topic, is there any spark of hope for me! I'm SO going textbook shopping tmr... T.T

YAY! finishing Cultural Mandate... Still go Pst Joshua Hong's teachings on prayer &... Theology, & Sermon on the Mount... Wow.. Bible reading too!

BUT with SOT graduation in view,

I really sincerely want an attitude-change regarding my studies... I'm so truly envious of arts people and a PERSON (singular!) flying overseas to exchange trip & pursuing art! ;D But yeah, it's truly wh…


Oh my... feeling a bit overwhelmed by this last week to graduation for SOT. Mixed in with the exams and chionging for bible reading, is the rush for second-hand textbooks, balloting for tutorial/lab groups, & even showing up for lectures! ><''

Argh.. but thank God la, that my friends aren't like saying that i'm slacking off AGAIN though judging from my attitude in the previous semesters, it's totally justified. ;P


Shoutout to these people who've made my 'holidays' WORTH IT!
Ai bean Jangster Dixon Lou-gu Zhang YX Joce Michelle Hui-min Diwei YangHong Jac Jie-Yun Chen-Wei Li-Shin!

Let's not become strangers once school starts! ;D
& will definitely miss our Taiwanese counterparts... X'@

rest beyond understanding

this week's HECTIC.

the final lap.

school reopening, SOT exams, family, ministry, connect group, friends, work, piano exams.

I learnt : Sleep =X= rest

there are times when my legs really almost seem to fail. yea it was definitely embarrassing doing the whole falling-asleep-and-jerking-awake routine, oh, in lecture, in the MRT, on the bus...

God's really proving Himself real.

Cos all it takes is one hour in my hiding place, and i'm home.

Man, He just refuses to let me feel tired..!

This War We Will Fight

I like American football. Watched 'Facing the Giants', an American Christian film retelling the true story of how God used a failing coach, heading a failing football team, to bring about revival.

Some quotes:

Team Captain: You mean God cares about football?
Coach: God cares about where your heart is. If your heart is in football, He cares about football - because He cares about you.

Coach: We win, we praise Him. We lose, we praise Him.

Coach: I need you, Brock (star defense player). I know you're tired, it's easy to lead when you're not tired. But Now is when you lead us.

Behind the outward - as a youth, we invest boundless energy into fun, chilling, personal hobbies, things that satisfy our soul - there needs to be a warrior. Hard-hearded. A face like a lion. Determined. Fighting every inch. Resolved not to let any enemy get past him on the front line. Beyond the pain.

When you reach your limits, it's all HEART from there.