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Ok, finally warmed up to 2010 (Jan's over..?!)...

Teach us to make the most of our time...and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful!
-Psalm 90:12, 17

I think, what with considering Aunt Angie's life testimony, and turning 22 soon, and spending some time listening to my younger cousin talking about his 16 years' worth of life philosophy... 2010's the year where I want to breakthrough!

Somehow it feels like the last few years I've been wanting to want the vision of God for my life and that's all I've been doing. It's really encouraging to flip open a book, and have these words jump out at you:

'The desire of most people is to live a life that counts. This is a right and godly aspiration. It's was Moses' request in the above prayer. He began by asking for wisdom to make the most of time...The fact that [the phrase, "make our efforts successful"] was repeated twice in Scripture shows it is not only God's will for…


Tuition job
2 China girls (P2 & P4)
English only
$30/hr for 2 hr/session
preferably 2 sessions/wk
(usually separately tutored)

1st day of internship - what can i say. think i got one of the better jobs - good working hours, small company, nice people, relevant job experience, surrounded by good food (Amoy & Lau Pa Sat! & starbucks!) & salary that makes me smile :D

reading blogs really convicted me about being more optimistic and hopeful for 2010 - attitude sets the course for the year! thank God that He's alr sent someone to meet my need for work pants (Thanks Sally!) so i don't have to totter up and down buses on my way to work!

tomorrow, slippers! :D