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Ok.. the 3rd post today. Yesterday night, this morning, whichever. XD granted I've been sleeping early (10pm!) the last few nights and lazing in bed till the last minute so, I'm allowed a sleepless night!
Just watched Seducing Mr Perfect, which features Daniel Henney. Lol.. one thing about Korean dramas, ok, MOVIE this time but it should have been a drama, is that it's rated 11 on a scale of 10 for comedy. ALL the female leads always end up embarrassing themselves! *groan don't ask me why i still get addicted then laugh at myself afterwards, and get addicted - again. Haha.. ok.. I love fridays cos i get it off from school! =D I'm supposed to be mugging which is why i'm gonna punish myself with hours of the latter task after i get this post done. After viewing Nat's blog, I'm inspired to be more techno-saavy and create visual spectacle for my readers. Meaning... photos!
Haha.. started the morning with a trek down to lavender to Miss La's home. Lol... w…

The Phil 4:6 Post

What puts a smile on my face:

remembering Emerge'07 and the awesome experience

people that rank 10 on the make-me-smile-meter (in no order of importance): Lil Sharon, Esther Lam, Peannette (Peanut's and my sister), My mom who's hopping abt reliving her old chapteh-champion days, the Kang Twins, Sheryl, Ber! and lots of ppl i know i'm forgetting at the moment..

toddlers nodding off, downy heads bobbing off to the side as they perch on those seats at the back of bicycles so common in Pasir Ris!

A.R. Bernard

Phil Pringle's podcasts

the idea of SALE!

lunch dates w ppl in school *hint hint

a good book (and the rarity of such treasures guarantees a grin with lasting effects for up to a week)

nice green things

being out at the park

the thought of ALL of my cousins, n my 1 nephew

going home after a LOOOOnnngggGG day at school (specifically the three-almost-back-to-back-tutorials on Thurs)

My Math lecturer who makes such an effort to reiterate the points and make sure we get it. Thanks …

Missing Person

Missing Person by Michael W. Smith & Wayne Kirkpatrick

Another question in me
One for the powers that be
It's got me thrown and so I
Put on my poker-face
And try to figure it out
This undeniable doubt
Common occurence - feeling so out of place
God am I cynical now?
Can't help but wondering how
My heart evolved into a
Rock beating inside of me
So unreal
Such a historic ordeal
Where's that feeling that I don't feel?

There was a boy who had the faith to move a mountain
And like a child he would believe without a reason
Without a trace he disappearedinto a void and
I've been searching for that missing person
for that missing person

Under the lavender moon
so many thoughts consuming
moved in the glowing light that
once burned so bright in me
is this a radical phase
the problematical age
that keeps me running from all that i used to be
is there a way to return
is there a way to unlearn
that common knowledge
that's chipping away at my soul
i've been gone too long
will i ever find my way home…


an NUS-ian! lol.. realized from gleaning my friends' blogs that i haven't really mentioned much abt life in NUS. Well, I don't really count uni life to have really begun full-swing - this week's the deciding week! Tutorials begin!!! I've only just awakened to the fact that it's bye-bye holidays and back to the books. One thing I can say abt Uni life, it's real fast-paced. And independence, teach-less-learn-more? Understatement of the year!!!

I mean, mid yrs in 6 weeks! 2 weeks alr down.. I'm like, where did the days fly to??? Last night n this morning's the first i actually sat down n organized my desk n get acquainted with my friends Demand-and-Supply (egads, econs, don't get me started). Lol.. but finally getting my own laptop's a great motivation to be studious. U know, studious in the way children getting their new assessment books get.

It's funny how i've always been excited about starting university, (esp during JC days, if only…
Finally! Typing this from my new laptop - dude.. regardless of the fact that it's an Acer Travelmate and that all of e peeps i've raved abt it so far have, oh so tactfully mentioned how fujitsu is better (with the exception of Jean!!! XD).. i love it!

Ok, so ends well the initiation period into uni life. Had a total meltdown in the toilet last wk. So Joyce Meyer's sermon was totally for the now. I think i take things too seriously sometimes. reaction reaction.

God, help me OVERCOME.

I'm pretty excited abt this dhoppers group i just found in NUS, tt holds hip hop classes. It'd be a total outlet for me this sem, now that I've to take Econs as my 5th mod, instead of critical writing or my SS module!!! Xp Alright.. but it's pretty exciting learning something entirely new so.. =d

I agree with La - I love being a student again! And like my cousin said, this is the best time of our lives. Of course, glory to glory - i will LOVE n be PASSIONate abt my career so yea.…

All This Time

I'm a father and a son
I've been a lover with just one
but this world can get me all undone
and i'm frightened i'm the only one
i wrestle with the thoughts i keep
if i sow the seed of arrogance
then it's loneliness i'll reap
it's loneliness i'll reap

please don't leave me stranded here
with a head of lies and a heart of fear
my life's a show on God's TV
the world an audience watching me

so wake me, shake me, keep me sharp
as i touch the power of God's great harp
and this world can fill your head with praise
that steals me from eternal grace
so how can i serve God and wealth?
i can captivate an army
but i can't control myself
i can't control myself

Ghostly figure out at sea
i hear a voice that's calling me
to walk upon the waves of faith
for in the arms of God, I AM SAFE

All this time
since the day that i was born
i've never known a time like this
i don't wanna let you down

I will sing, sing for your light has come
awesome timing God. really. it's times like these tt i KNOW u exist like, in-my-face.

i think i will start to think more before i speak, n mean it with conviction n all my heart.

Ok, odd i-dunno-what-u-call-that-branched-off-random-thought tt prob Jing xuan knows the word to. ^^ moving on. i suddenly recall e message abt how to know if God is really the first in my life - when i stop worrying. N i guess tt's wat everything is linked to. taking on more than i can chew. caring more than i can love. getting bummed abt things i cannot change.

i agree w wat Sean said. It's weird how we get stumbled or hurt or offended by ppl in life, even church ('gasp, no! really?'), n we go into this i-dunno-y-being-a-christian's-more-complicated-than-not-being n stuff like tt that ALL of us hv played w before, the revelation hits us that we're really blaming God. Like, we stop wanting to pray, like, bug off God, not in the mood. N want to sleep all day. Or cry the load, the w…