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an NUS-ian! lol.. realized from gleaning my friends' blogs that i haven't really mentioned much abt life in NUS. Well, I don't really count uni life to have really begun full-swing - this week's the deciding week! Tutorials begin!!! I've only just awakened to the fact that it's bye-bye holidays and back to the books. One thing I can say abt Uni life, it's real fast-paced. And independence, teach-less-learn-more? Understatement of the year!!!

I mean, mid yrs in 6 weeks! 2 weeks alr down.. I'm like, where did the days fly to??? Last night n this morning's the first i actually sat down n organized my desk n get acquainted with my friends Demand-and-Supply (egads, econs, don't get me started). Lol.. but finally getting my own laptop's a great motivation to be studious. U know, studious in the way children getting their new assessment books get.

It's funny how i've always been excited about starting university, (esp during JC days, if only for the not-so-noble reason of having done with A's) and pictured myself going on a before-school shopping spree. And how i'd walk around school with classy-with-a-touch-of-nerdy glasses n motivating stationary like a happy house file n pencil case. SEE?? so specific right??

As it is, it's all i can do to really keep up with printing n staying on top of all 5 modules! But, positive! I do like the challenge =D At least I'm really out of my holiday mode le! =D

I like that it's large, but every place is pretty much accessible, esp if u know how to use those elbows to get that last place on the internal shuttle buses! But it can be a real pain to get home AT 6PM when the rest of the world's rushing home as well!!! At night, it's a different thing though. For the blur sotongs, night time's not a good time to still be taking shuttle buses and not knowing where to stop! Trust me, I wasted 1 hour traveling to places farthest from my destination! Still, it's cool how there's no end of hang-outs for any purposes. It's cool tt every fac has it's canteen, on top of Mc's, Subway n cafeterias. Seeing as how I've expended my month's allowance 2 weeks ago, and my next collection date's the 1st of Sept (5 days!!! Say it isn't so~~~~), I've to hide out in the library till my money can match my mouth.

=D The peeps from engineering fac like to dress down, or in more understandable terms, lok kok. HAHA~~ but it's fine with me! I always judge the weather here in Pasir Ris, dress appropriately then freeze in the lecture theatres. So well.. But really, like what Wendy said, coming to NUS, u feel really un-pretty!!! Haha.. meaning to say that really, lots of gorgeous ppl around. Sorry guys, this is how girls function. I've seen no shortage of pageant-potentials, models-most-likely and jingxuan-like-dunno-where-their-food-goes-to ppl. Lol... but really, it isn't as hard as i thought to settle down. The post-NS guys are really mellower n more gentlemanly, easy to get to know and really street-wise! Lots of growing up to do! And the girls are fun - lots of different JC cultures evident tho so that's interesting! Funny how i'll get the urge to draw in the midst of a lecture!

Alright.. have to go soon.. Most of my lessons start in the afternoon... or those days that begin in the A.M. end in the late afternoons. Please God, just this sem! XD Lol.. okok, thank God I've gotten into a U so all those pre- n post- A stress stuff's really a thing of the past. Can't wait to get started proper. Bobby says it's the best time of his life, I want it to be the start of it!


LYNN said…
hey Jo, i totally agree that guys in uni are much more mature and gentlemanly. so different from JC lor!!! I got lots of stuffs I want to tell you girls! we should meet up one day! :)
Jasmine is my name said…
haha I was going to comment on the same thing true they are a lot more gentlemanly...but i kinda miss the lameness that was so prominent in our VJ classmates..take care and have fun

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