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bullet points

This week, I
1. caught up with my sis in one of the most agreeable discussions we've had, over something we disagree over, and
2. found out I've prejudices that I gotta make my peace with.
3. am easily stressed out by my family; haven't been spending enough time with them.
4. am becoming my mum.
5. need to 'relac one corner' more & see what happens.
6. have been constantly asking how and why anyone would undertake such a massive responsibility as bringing up children.
7. realized why I don't like to sleep. Haven't had a good dream in a while.
8. realized I really need to do what I say I believe in, and rely more on God.
9. threw my hands up at ever being able to use logic to overcome prejudice.
10. enjoyed hanging out with my cousins more than I ever have done.
11. learnt to like Monopoly Deal... only because I almost won. ;)
12. learnt that cold really is all in the mind. Except when you bathe, then it's real.
13. decided that I need to become more like a fri…

family dynamics

I think I finally understand what used to get me down about family holidays, especially the month-long types squeezed in a single house with 3 other families you were happy talking to once a month or so.

It takes getting used to seeing your mum as someone else's sister, or to see your aunt being chided on child-caring techniques by her older sisters. And personally, to be a dutiful daughter, my brother's keeper, a shopping companion and just wanting to curl up and read something, takes decision to face it all cheerfully.

Still, I'm grateful for this chance to catch up with relatives from another country, another culture and upbringing, as well as my own family. If anything, it's freeing to do all this in another place where the only work demands can be contained in the laptop. Out of sight, out of mind. :D

Learning how to be 100% present. Had a conversation with my bro where I said whatever I'd wanted to say for the last year, in 5 minutes. Maybe we don't need mor…