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wondering about Singapore

we were talking about race and class issues in soci tutorial the other day and for once, sociology had a practical application for me. to help me understand the frustration that i feel, has a basis and explanation.

i think, beyond my own tendencies to be over-conservative, there are totally decent reasons why we can afford to be more classless and raceless. One: God is. Second, it's hard to reconcile racist jokes and the fact that you have friends and people you like who are of those races. i was totally convicted that i still held a lot of views that i wouldn't want to be on the other side of.

Pastor really drummed the message in this week -preach it Pastor! Thank God that He is able to do a work in me, regardless of my narrow-mindedness and stubbornness. I know there's a lot of views I've to change, but I'm glad that I'm on the way. That I'm in a church that will be committed to transform lives and mindsets, that we'd actively be on the way to emulate J…


W489. W489. W489. =) trying to get used to the numbah. hee. hmm.. of course there's the nervousness - this is my first multiplication after all - at the thought of no more regularity and habitual tromping off to cell group. but there's excitement too, at the thought of being a pioneer and starting off.

this rash is really a bummer. i've only gotten it twice before and it faded within a day, & the second time it was 'hide-able'. now i can't stand the thought of wearing jeans OR shorts! >< they should really have clinics open on sunday, i mean, what if something happens then right?

busy week ahead, gotta screw up my resolve & meet the day every morning. praying. The peace of God is POWERFUL! I remember that from SOT ;D it was apt then, in the rush between assignments, and it is an apt reminder now, in the rush between assignments still. maybe i can't always be all held-together and polished and perfect, but i wanna enjoy the ride =) ok, back to my…


today took a self-announced day-off from school. i realized that throughout the year, i've been squeezing in these unofficial days because something or other seems to crop up to take up those official days off. i know it's no good reason, but it seriously helped to let my physical body rest (after the 4 days at work last week & lots of fellowshipping & lack of sleep). talked some stuff out with Jean too - realize that i really need that. not only with Jean of course. need to really be able to talk stuff with my friends too..

read a book 'the cross and switchblade' - it talks about a revival amongst the teenage gangsters in New York, some 40 years back, because a young country pastor was willing. he handled drugs, failures (that amounted to death and tragedy) and sacrifice. what got me was reading how complete some conversions of these gangsters were. i stood there reading over Jeannette's shoulder, and tears just came to my eyes. i really want that - the all…


aiyah.. today's just not my day man.. lol.. get ready for some ranting..

worked the previous day, ended at 10 plus pm.. & today had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 430am to get to work by 530am.. u can imagine what getting a cab is like at that time lah... i had to continuously walk along the roads, trying to out-chiong fellow workers at the airport.. T.T but thank God for small mercies, i reached work on time..

had a good start to the day.. which ended in my extending to 11 hours, getting surplus in my cash register up to a grand total of $14.25. Joanne take a bow, you've really outdone yourself this time. ever since i join this outlet, i've been setting records man. first the lowest results on customer snapshot, and now this. woo~ not to mention i'm constantly forgetting to hand in work schedule on time, resulting in ... drumroll~ a total of 24 hours worked last month! T.T

i need the money. i need to study. i also need a brain-break or time to chill out without cr…