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i've always toed the line.
wear the hats life gives you.
censor what you say because not everyone understands.
keep it in because not everyone wants to hear it.
change because you should be relevant.
give because your friend needs a shoulder to cry on.
do it because others are busy.

when my finances run out
when my strength fails
when my heart is sore
when i wish to have time aside
when i just need someone to take me seriously

it's hard to wait
and wait
for You to come to my defense

then i remember
how so many times i tested you
out of desperation
to ask for that one sign that you hear
you show up
you gave me rest from my tears
you held me up from the inside
instead of pity
you gave me empathy
you let me know that it matters to you
how i feel
even when i complain
and am filled with bitterness
you never tell me to suck it in
or tell me what's expected of me
you let me know there's space
in you
for me
a person like me
so i can find rest and a refuge
a covering for my weaknesses
that i might understand

Never Let Go

Soundtrack of 'The Guardian', by Bryan Adams (ohmanohman been searching for this!)

Can you lay your life down, so a stranger could live
Can you take what you need, but take less than you give
Could you close everyday, without the glory and fame
Could you hold your head high, when no one knows your name
That's how legends are made
At least, that's what they say

We say goodbye, but never let go
We live, We die
Cos you can't save every soul
Gotta take every chance to
Show that you're the kinda man who
Never look back, Never look down
and Never let go

Can you lose everything you ever had planned
Can you sit down again, and play another hand
Could you risk everything, for the chance of being alone
Under pressure find the grace or would you come undone
That's how legends are made
At least, that's what they say

shrinking world

this school year's really different - have been meeting old schoolmates, co-workers in some temp job that seems like eons ago etc. in part, it's the new school year for the guys in the same batch (no longer!), but guess the only common thing all students have no matter the faculty, is that rush for textbooks.

either way, if we play the Meet-a-friend game, I can give you competition YP! ;D

>< have to resort to searching for my core textbook online - because it costs a bomb in school!

What's in store this term:
Modules I'm finally interested in!
Passionate Profs. (yay)
Field trips in store!
Projects (hmm.)
Driving lessons

So this morning, I jumped out of bed and decided that Mondays are gonna be my Sabbath day! =) No more Monday blues for me. Jiayou guys for school!

God is Gracious

i remember a message from Phil Pringle once, about asking and living by a new name given by God.
people's judgments and impressions and emotions - think this is really the season to start learning to live beyond that.
'Joanne' means - God is Gracious.
yeah, i'm not all that, neither do i have the means to attain a lot, neither do i have a lot of life experiences.
but by God's grace, and at the right time, i know i'll become who i'm made to be.