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God: for lifting me up, sending words right in the season for me on my birthday. It's totally not a bout me, but about You and all the people you've placed in my life to help steer me in the right way. Hearing the exact words from Pastor that is the answer to my heart's questions, I just know that You're real and that I gotta take You more seriously. Here's to God for 20 years of unconditional love!

Jean: for not squishing me in the womb 20 years ago!
Ai & Jang: for sacrificially getting me a Zen Stone PLUS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still say 'OMG' when i pick it up!) & arranging THE PLOY and getting us to cg, helping me feel special even though the whole day was kinda packed n u guys were TIRED
JX: for praying a very discerning prayer over me
Mic: for her v loving birthday hug
Joseph: for being excited about my birthday & helping get a cake!
Cel & Nianying: for going to the trouble of buying presents that we'd like!…


XD A shoutout to Jean and Ai! ;D Forgot to mention that they came over and stayed with me through my friday shift, from 2 + to 6.30 am! Although Ai had an appointment (to run... T.T) at 8, she stayed to drive me back! >< Seriously peaster, I don't think you know how touched I am everytime you offer to drive us home when it's so obviously inconvenient, and even when you're sian-ded driving your dad's manual car! ^^D I'm very inspired now, from being okay with the prospect of taking public transport for the rest of my life, I'm now resolved to learn finish my driving so i can return all the favors from Mic, LK, Dom n Ai! ;D Heh... yeah, thanks Jean too that when I come home with a papaya face, you're so loving - cooking dinner for us, washing up afterwards, offering to cook suppers for me... LOVE YOU GUYS!

& to Sheila: miss you loads! Keep feeling weird not seeing you on Sunday when you've to rush off.. Take care & ya, inspired by your attitu…

let me never forget - THANKFUL

realize that everytime comes to testimony time, i won't share cos i dunno how to really express it as eloquently or spiritually as the rest. ;D but ya, i wanna THANK GOD so here goes... a long list attributing every thanks and good thing to God for this quite-amazing week.

My week went like that:
Mon - school (11-6), work (11-7am)
Tues - school (12-6), Starbucks partner meeting (7.30-9.30), lala-land*
Wed - school (12-2), Ministry at Kallang (3-6), Piano lesson (7.30-9), work (11.30-8am)
Thurs - crash&burn (10-6pm), study
Fri - school (2-5), lala-land (9-10), work (11-6.30am)
Sat - quiz (10-11), cell group (2.30-5.30), sports (6-7.30pm), dinner (-9.30pm)


1. for those 15-20 minutes that He showed up everytime i just took up the guitar to get myself ready for the day ahead - through the long hours of work and physical fatigue, i feel it's really God's strength that help me have the capacity to look beyond what i'm feeling and focus on what i want - which is to have…

^^D beach bums

Yay.. went to Sentosa, along with about 10% of Singapore (on their way for flower exhibition) on Sat! Lol... it's a luxury man, right when school's open again on Mon & all that. Dunno why am feeling the crunch this sem - not only me, even those who aren't working or taking 6 mods! - but this session of chilling was really just what i needed! Sorry Ai that we came late! Haha.. okok, sorry Shuiyong, Yuhao & Lengkian too! >< I think it's a case of the more you try, the later you become..

Yea.. played volleyball, cards, drank (not the weather for food believe me), water dunno-what (rugby? captain's ball? just plain wrestling? hoho).. MISSED A LOT OF PEOPLE THOUGH! haha.. in between everything: 'eh, jingxuan coming anot ah?' 'where's jasper?' 'eh, wayne pangseh...' 'Bernice pack bag alr last minute dun wanna come...' lol.. but it's ok, they were quite smart not to come; what with the crowd (many near misses when the b…


lol.. i pity my friends cos
(1) of the many birthdays at the start of the year (I sympathise)
(2) of the mutiple birth my mom made 20 years ago that causes them to struggle between the 'buy one let them share?' or *gasp 'buy 2(???)'
(3) I'd rather not post a specific list of wants & see what they get! Just to get the kick... heh... ;D just no picture frames and calenders and stuff ya... lol

just to give anyone who's thinking of getting a present (though a written card or just an sms would still make my year, truly!):

- books: doesn't have to be the expensive, thick-covered, looks like need a lot of brains to understand-kind... heh.. any books that u'd recommend and that is touching! ;D arty books i'd like too ;D
- graphic novels: lol... did some walking through kinokuniya
- cds (songs/movies): haha.. this one kinda touchy, like, if u're like Ai & Sheila & dun like my taste in this, meaning that you know the kind of stuff i'd love, then …


Ah.. so much stuff to update abt. Um, ok, first things first;


I'm real touched by your birthday speech(!!!) And I'm real touched that you spend ur brithday with us too!(!!) XD Best wishes & God's best in all areas of your life Jangster! ;D Stay young at heart! Hoho~ this is your ticket to dig us when our turn arrive.. ;)

Yeah.. I'm glad this is the time to stretch in my giving lor. Not only concerning money, but it's everything added up. When i look at my bank account and wince, I know it's cos of the way i'm conditioned to equate savings = wisdom = security = comfort. That's wise. BUT I'm glad I'm sticking to my priorities, that giving to God, giving to my family & friends when, QUOTING AILEEN (hoho): 'the occasion calls for it', is more important than what I think my bank account should hold. So. yeah, take that stupid devil!!! ><

Lol... I'm working on the present Sheila! Wait for me!!!!!…

Wow February

It's already Feb!

Lots of birthdays coming up. ><

Getting into the rhythm of juggling all the stuff I gotta do - but one thing i learnt is to keep assessing my priorities! It's funny how most of my time is spent at work, and in school, or even with friends when my higher priorities are my family and time with God & for sanity's sake, myself (though of course, QT is really good enough to satisfy that). Sometimes it can't be helped, but most of the times it's cos i didn't think before i committed.

Everything's a bit of a struggle this week. Then I realized that in the midst of everything that's becoming a bit overwhelming or impossible to do, I forgot to talk to God abt it. This week's really shown me how busyness & hard stuff can reveal what you truly desire. When homework piles up, when I'm mixing with different people at my workplace - i see that i desire very much to be successful by my own ability, that i like to work because of a …