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let me never forget - THANKFUL

realize that everytime comes to testimony time, i won't share cos i dunno how to really express it as eloquently or spiritually as the rest. ;D but ya, i wanna THANK GOD so here goes... a long list attributing every thanks and good thing to God for this quite-amazing week.

My week went like that:
Mon - school (11-6), work (11-7am)
Tues - school (12-6), Starbucks partner meeting (7.30-9.30), lala-land*
Wed - school (12-2), Ministry at Kallang (3-6), Piano lesson (7.30-9), work (11.30-8am)
Thurs - crash&burn (10-6pm), study
Fri - school (2-5), lala-land (9-10), work (11-6.30am)
Sat - quiz (10-11), cell group (2.30-5.30), sports (6-7.30pm), dinner (-9.30pm)


1. for those 15-20 minutes that He showed up everytime i just took up the guitar to get myself ready for the day ahead - through the long hours of work and physical fatigue, i feel it's really God's strength that help me have the capacity to look beyond what i'm feeling and focus on what i want - which is to have a good attitude, to worship Him in everything i do, outside and inside of church.

2. good health! everytime i feel like; tak boleh~~~ or even when my colleagues were getting sick, i didn't! hoho.. but still need to get enough rest.

3. totally supportive parents. i've seen a change not only in how my parents have begun to place more faith in my decisions, but how they are communicating their love more to us and to my brother. slowly, conflicts that used to arise over my brother and financial issues, are getting resolved without any raised voices! so many times the family would just pile into the van and all send me off to my workplace.. i can't say how touched i feel that i have a family that supports me like that, even when i mess up my schedule by being disorganized! X'@

4. favor of people. seriously, it's hard to keep up a good attitude when on top of your lack of sleep etc., people pick on you and make life hard. but wow, it's like, just by deciding to plow through any awkwardness & peer pressure and just doing the best i can, God just protected me from all of that. things are moving smoother at work, not only with my fellow baristas, but with customers as well. i got chocolates, hong bao & lots of marked-out food this week~!

5. During the Starbucks partner meeting, they celebrated my birthday! haha.. actually the february babies' birthdays.. but ya, so sweet - a photo of the partners at the last chalet outing + $10 isetan voucher! ;D I'm glad i chose Starbucks~ Thank God for the job!
6. Friends & family

- NUS: thanks loads to peeps like Shimin and Huiping!!! Though i wasn't in school for Valentine's Day (quite a deliberate thing actually... ;p), they made the effort to pass me a rose and a handmade heart through our mutual friends... Awww... on top of the workload and having to practice for chingay and stuff, they still found time and money to do this - though seriously i'm sure they have friends closer to them! ><>

ok, now i shall go and have a good cry.


Jeannette said…
EH, what about me and bean staying with you till 6am leh! Hahaha, nv feel loved arh... keep adding oil!

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