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pat on the back


I'm more than happy for my math and econs papers!!! haha... truly truly i m starting to understand what God means by His peace, and leaning on Him for strength! Thank you God - whatever i get i'll give thanks to You!

Today, I more than made up for my lack of sleep for the past 3-4 days - I slept for 15 hrs today!!! Hahaha.. and i did not study one bit. Yea~~ pleased and happy... though too much sleep does make you a bit wonky. Like moving too fast makes u see stars - that kinda thing.

Hum.. I'm still gonna gear up and get started on my last 2 papers though - Physics and Chem... Chem i'm ok with, but Physics is touch and go. =) Early headstart!

break # 1

been emotionally very up-down lately - what's up with that? haha.. like, one moment i'll feel tired, happy, stressed and irritated with myself at the same time.

old already - haha... i've forgotten what i dislike abt the monsoon period - arthritic joints, sniffly nose and mosquitoes!!! T,T how come i dun hear anyone else complaining about mosquitoes? somehow there's one big fat one that's unfortunately v fast, that's somehow surviving (very well actually) hiding in my blanket. boohoo~ someone save me!

kk, back to mugging. I'll be super glad when math is over! to be brilliant at math, u'd have to be a little crazy i think. anyway, a big SHOUTOUT to Esther!!! So proud of her! =D lol... hmm, come to think of it, haven't found out abt my cousin's results too.. 4 of them - 1 PSLE, 2 O's, 1 A's. Woo~ crazy world we live in. full of exams. bah.
=) pretty excited about Christmas - think it's the effect of christmas decorations at the airport and at the malls.


music cds: Casting Crowns, Alan Luo, JJ lin
movies: Spirited Away, The Incredibles (my pirated one is stuck at the halfway point...X'@), Transformers, Ratatouille, Bourne Ultimatum
books: Heroes comic, a Bible concorde
stuff: bottles of acrylic paint, a tuition kid, a nice handmade christmas card, some comfort object that's more longlasting than a stress ball, hugs, a mouse (computer...), a laptop carrier, stationary

can't wait to shop for gifts. guess i'll need a job these 5 weeks. any lobang?


YEA~~ =)

Dunno why but it feels good to study for exams as an undergrad. maybe cos you really need to know this stuff in future? haha.. at least not last minute cramming now. Wow!

which brings me to the thought of 5 weeks of blissful, PC1341-, CM1502 -, MA1505-, EC1301-, EG1108- LESS days! lol... must seriously get through this exams with NO REGRETS! lol... hmm.. i really cling by faith to those testimonies shared by Aileen, Jeannette, Lil Sharon... (let me know if i left anyone out) where it is possible to score distinctions for a subject they struggle with. (!!!)

=) i'm v thankful for today. I'm gonna be a more thankful person. think it really helps u see things in a better light. had a good study session with La! haha.. coffee and those cushy sofas at a cafe and hours spent with your notes will make anyone feel like an academic. but ya... shoutout to La! I felt better talking abt stuff with you! =)

and keeping in mind the feedback - here's a light post for you! XD hoho

Seizing Joy

Joy - get in my pocket!

Things I said 'Wow, that's true' to:

- Pst Ulf: 'not being super-high and happy all the time doesn't mean you are living in defeat!' (I'm freed!)

- Pst: give out of what you have; sacrifice by giving what you normally set aside for yourself. (I'm freed!)

- Pst Ulf: be an authentic Christian. Meaning you acknowledge the suffering that you need to go through, but you still do it.

it's amazing that every time you think you've already given the best you know how, stepped out as far as you can take, achieved as much as anyone else would be proud of doing so

in God there's always more

I used to be frustrated by this cos i didn't like the constant going and pushing on to greater things. Like, seriously, though you know better, your emotions just want to sit down and 'clap up little patty-cakes' to God, so to speak.

one thing that pst ulf said (out of many *grin); it's not abt the talents, ur personality, how sporty u…

i know who i am

pudgy legs kicking. waters falling to mysterious depths below, and stretching beyond my vision. fear.

two hands grasping mine. a life float around my waist. faith.

a voice within bringing back visions of drowning, of sharp teeth and rough scales. terror.

a voice without telling me to kick, telling me that i can swim. obedience.

reality limits.

living in the real world is not about being strong. it's about yielding to the voices that tell you that you are - too tall, too short, too fat, too pimply, too nerdy, too inadequate, too ugly, too loud, too quiet, too stupid, too wild, too dull, too poor, too insignificant, too unglamorous, too tomboyish, too effeminate, too clumsy - not good enough. that even before you try, you are bound to fail because of the reality of your circumstances, because of who you are - and what you are not. obviously.

but then it says in the Word: good news. you are the head and not the tail. be holy, as I am holy. the Lord is the helper of your countenance. He giv…

new generation

just wanna pen down a few thoughts before I start my studying for the day.

I just wanna say to every single cg member, past and present, a big thank you. It's not cliche in the least when I say that it's due to everyone loving God and hanging on, that has me here where i am today.

No matter whether I was ever close to a particular person - after all, God has really brought together so many different people whom I'd never have gotten to know if I hadn't joined church - every single person's backsliding, or spiritual breakthrough - they are felt throughout my spiritual life.

Came home from school - and the thoughts running through my mind were those trying to justify my giving for Arise & Build 2007. Not due to fear, but because of remarks a few friends made. I was reasoning within myself, till I stopped and recalled the one thing someone said:

The one thing I love about you City Harvest people is that you guys know who you are giving to and what you are doing all th…