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Seizing Joy

Joy - get in my pocket!

Things I said 'Wow, that's true' to:

- Pst Ulf: 'not being super-high and happy all the time doesn't mean you are living in defeat!' (I'm freed!)

- Pst: give out of what you have; sacrifice by giving what you normally set aside for yourself. (I'm freed!)

- Pst Ulf: be an authentic Christian. Meaning you acknowledge the suffering that you need to go through, but you still do it.

it's amazing that every time you think you've already given the best you know how, stepped out as far as you can take, achieved as much as anyone else would be proud of doing so

in God there's always more

I used to be frustrated by this cos i didn't like the constant going and pushing on to greater things. Like, seriously, though you know better, your emotions just want to sit down and 'clap up little patty-cakes' to God, so to speak.

one thing that pst ulf said (out of many *grin); it's not abt the talents, ur personality, how sporty u r, how outwardly pretty and savvy..
NOT to downplay the talents God gave to everyone because you should have heard my jaw dropping when i surfed up, from across the island.

but that's another thing.

i know the frustration tt when u draw somethg, it's nothing or never exactly what u envision in ur head. even when u're an expert, there's always the boredom of what else is there to challenge u now tt u can draw anythg within an hour.

so there's always this frustration tt comes when u use ur talent outwardly, to try to express or, i dunno, capture the hopes of who u wanna be inwardly.

but i want to use my talents because it flows from something inside.

i guess really what i'm saying is that i saw today what it meant to have joy flowing OUT from within someone, not because they've finally attained everythg they wanted, but because of something more lasting and unchanging than that. God. Wow oh wow - I really that in my life!

me God! remember Joanne!


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