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The Phil 4:6 Post

What puts a smile on my face:

remembering Emerge'07 and the awesome experience

people that rank 10 on the make-me-smile-meter (in no order of importance): Lil Sharon, Esther Lam, Peannette (Peanut's and my sister), My mom who's hopping abt reliving her old chapteh-champion days, the Kang Twins, Sheryl, Ber! and lots of ppl i know i'm forgetting at the moment..

toddlers nodding off, downy heads bobbing off to the side as they perch on those seats at the back of bicycles so common in Pasir Ris!

A.R. Bernard

Phil Pringle's podcasts

the idea of SALE!

lunch dates w ppl in school *hint hint

a good book (and the rarity of such treasures guarantees a grin with lasting effects for up to a week)

nice green things

being out at the park

the thought of ALL of my cousins, n my 1 nephew

going home after a LOOOOnnngggGG day at school (specifically the three-almost-back-to-back-tutorials on Thurs)

My Math lecturer who makes such an effort to reiterate the points and make sure we get it. Thanks to his explanations and webcasts, I get Fri off and still get math! =D

home clothes

cats' paws ( i mean, c'mon, their EYES may be creepy, but give their paws some credit!)

dad's announcement of the menu for Dinner so we have something to look forward to!

Weekly chats with Miss Chue!

waking up with the sunrise over my window

the idea of plain paper and a pencil

sitting down for a movie w my family

good news about Sun

meaningful lyrics

compliments (very human don't u think? hehehe)

finding out about long-lost friends eg. Deborah Teh, shoutout to her!

=) the idea tt praying is v simply talking to God, yes, it does make it easier


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Best movie ever!

I admit, I was totally sceptical at what I thought was another attempt to spoil a good thing. But musicals... haven't regretted watching a single one, from Chicago, Burlesque, Les Miserables (though I only found out it was fully a musical midway)! We live and we learn :)

Ok, here's how good it was. I went back to watch it a second time. Hee.

It's definitely one of those movies to watch alone - so you can cry at all the odd moments. I gather from the odd chuckles and silences from my fellow movie-watchers, that we were all touched by the movie in one way or the other. None of us wanted to live till we saw the end of the credits. You have to leave immediately when the lights come on though, so you can go remove any traces of the tear tracks.

Loved Belle for being both feisty and just lovely. Emma Watson, you danced beautifully; I was half-in-love with you myself! And of course Beast and the eye-rolling, bumbling-ness of him.

The best of it all was the famili…