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{I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for people who had a just-do-it attitude without really consciously trying to do so. I desire that in myself. Not just a spark to get things started, dreams into reality, but really, a conviction and discipline to see things through.

BUT just when I get down on myself, counting the things i've failed to achieve, areas I struggle to break through after so many years, it always helps to have someone else tell you what they see in you. That's why I'm born with a twin.

BUT God, I need to hear from You. O God, give me the strength to go where I dare not go, even when I know it's what You want me to do. Thicken my skin, increase my faith, call to me from the waves.

I want to, I can, I need to, and most importantly, I WILL it.}

Watched a movie about Shiloh Eagles, a high school American football team, that lost every game in its season, but experienced revival in every sense of the word, through the prayer of community members, parents, and most importantly, the faith of their coach. I think movies like this, and Evan Almighty, which many have testified about, AND books like Chicken Soup etc., they really plant a vision of what we could be if we started praying, started meaning what we said, find out what 100% means. Instead of 'can i?', it's 'u can because he could'.


Cel said…
hey dudette,
update abt sunday!! lolz. juz wanna say love ya sista! =)

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Haven't given much attention to the news ever since work started, so yeah, the General elections were an eye-opener, but absolutely no clue about the upcoming Presidential elections. Something I don't like about the media (and ironically, social media): its limited scope - it cannot possibly capture the feelings of the mass majority, yet so much weightage is given to what is published. Inevitably, the loudest voice gets heard, not necessarily the wisest or the more representative.

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