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Redeeming the Time

I realized these past few days, when i hear myself speak, that I've been making up reasons to excuse my mediocrity - in school, at home, in my relationships.. As what a good friend said, 'tweak my thoughts'! >< If my old ways aren't working, then there's gotta be a change.

What brought this on was the 100th episode of oversleeping in 'Here's My Life: Snore, a case of Joanne-commonness', today. again. Ahh!

Hung out with the pooks La Jang, Leen Bean and Peannette, chatting and 'surprise!'- studying into the a.m. Lol.. I was really running on something else I can tell you, but I totally crashed when I got home at 5am... Tutorials begin at 10 - woo! 2 hours of sleep! - i thought. Then the next thing I know is waking up with my dad announcing lunch time. I glanced at the clock (if you knew my clock, you would understand my confusion. Talk about non-descript, you need a high IQ to read the time off it!) and was all: 'haha.. funny dad, it's only 9..' and then, 'IT'S TWELVE WHAT IN THE WORLD HOW COME MY ALARM DIDN'T RING???'

The gravity of the situation is due to my PAST oversleeping episodes, which brings my total number of missed tutorials to about 5...!!! I know! Gripping-my-cheeks-and-blanking-out-horror! >< And the worst thing is I DID do my tutorial this week. Haha.


But really, I remember how I was thinking just a few weeks back during my midterm papers. In an attempt to console myself over my pitiful attempts at filling up the answer sheet with some legible Joanne-theory, I told myself and accepted it as logic that I shouldn't judge myself on grades. Given enough time, I know I can get A. So there.

BUT... reading the Bible (trying to catch up with my reading more like), caught that phrase 'redeeming the time' from Paul to the Colossians in Colossians 3, and I was brought back to the message that Pst preached concerning that. Though I forget the details, I do remember key messages that meant something to me, convicted me in the past. And here it was again: Redeeming the time.

Everyone can excel GIVEN TIME. If there were no more of that ultimate limitation, how much more could we accomplish in our lifetime! But therein lies the reality that I try to escape - the challenge of life is to do the best you can, the best you know how, with the time that is alloted to you. At the end of the day, there is no 'I could have done that...' or 'That was a good idea that I had back then...' because empty talk (which I am wont to do) doesn't have anything to back it up. As I would have said in primary school, 'NOT COUNTED'!

So there, I'll receive that challenge, and make the most of it.

One thing that Natalie Portman said when a reporter asked her how she managed filming 2 movies while pursuing her degree in college : that having more things on her plate made her spend her time more wisely.

Yup. I gotta learn that.


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