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rainy weather

on the brink of something new: I got the job at starbucks, changi airport! i love the idea of working at the airport. great that it's near my home, only wish that i could cycle home from there. the idea of working while studying, especially with my sem 2 timetable, is a bit worrying since i was already struggling with sem 1. (i didn't know chem engin students didn't need to take physics!!!><) again, wondering if i'm in the right course. who would major in something they're weaker at? Ans: Joanne.

but gd la. steeling myself, counting the cost, stirring up the willingness to sacrifice leisure time, brain-dead hours in front of the tv, crunchyrolling, whatever. in the first place, university really convicts me on my lazy attitude towards studies. the discipline is just not there. seriously, though ppl think i study too much as it is, i dun think i really know what i'm doing half the time. T.x sad case. only the last exams did i realize i just need to really sit and absorb what i'm learning. the practice part is what really gets me. now i know why so many of my friends choose something more...un-sciencey, like business. dude... i'm tired of answering question 2b, 3d, flipping to the silly answers and redo-ing till u get the answer. shouldn't that have ended in secondary school? T.T

grumpy all over again. the weather makes me grizzly. now i understand why ppl overseas have holidays in the summer. but maybe the rain is a relief in singapore. ;) ok, got quite a lot of stuff to do other than sit in front of the comp thinking what to do online. glad that at least the problem of my source of income is solved. the problem though is christmas presents because the funds are just not really there. but what is christmas without a gesture of love? hai - lol, but actually it is expected. every building fund period is like that. i knew it, & i'm glad it'll be over soon. just gotta grow and change my attitude through this. the transformation will make everything worth it. whew - government, time to do something abt inflation! ><


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beauty and the beast

Best movie ever!

I admit, I was totally sceptical at what I thought was another attempt to spoil a good thing. But musicals... haven't regretted watching a single one, from Chicago, Burlesque, Les Miserables (though I only found out it was fully a musical midway)! We live and we learn :)

Ok, here's how good it was. I went back to watch it a second time. Hee.

It's definitely one of those movies to watch alone - so you can cry at all the odd moments. I gather from the odd chuckles and silences from my fellow movie-watchers, that we were all touched by the movie in one way or the other. None of us wanted to live till we saw the end of the credits. You have to leave immediately when the lights come on though, so you can go remove any traces of the tear tracks.

Loved Belle for being both feisty and just lovely. Emma Watson, you danced beautifully; I was half-in-love with you myself! And of course Beast and the eye-rolling, bumbling-ness of him.

The best of it all was the famili…