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Had a 2 hour briefing session today. Phew. Late! ><>
Heh... impressed!
1. My manager doesn't like to be called 'boss' or 'sir'; 'the customer is the boss'.
- Whoa! Haha.. i really got how service was the thing here. *sweat hope I have what it takes. :D
2. The extensive training that we've to go through, on top of frequent & surprise performance reviews - i tio stun. Seriously, I didn't expect the level of standard Starbucks has.
3. The emphasis on connecting w the team.
- Haha.. the motto & values kinda reminded me of how cell group is supposed to be like; treating each other with dignity & respect etc. I think that was when I started to relax.
4. So young! Most of the people I met are between 16(O.O) & 22, & they look like they've been working for ages!
Yay~ I feel like I'm now empowered financially to be more independent - like spending money on stuff like uniform, shoes etc. which brought me back $100, didn't have the effect on me as it would have maybe a year ago. Not that I'd start splurging once I start work (in Jan!) but that I'd feel more able to let go on stuff like clothes, makeup etc. which I didn't always have the cash for before this.
Anyway, today's service was good! =) I keep getting surprised by the date - I was so busy preparing for Christmas tt I wasn't aware it's just 2 DAYS AWAY! =) AHHH.... stress from last minute shopping! Lack of sleep, pimple outbreak... T.T Speaking of which, I need to get my 8 hrs of sleep today! It might be the last chance for a long while!
Haha... The drama was funny - much different in the sense that it was closer to home, that's why the serious scenes were registered more ba, as compared to themes in Israel, etc. Oh man, I LOVE the KIDS! Hahaha... there was this part (don't wanna spoil this for you if you haven't watched the drama yet please skip the paragraph), where the kids acted out the story of Jesus being born in Bethlehem (very smart I thought). Hahaha... so small! Like, the main actor was standing by the side watching, so was able to compare. One of the shepherds only reached his waist! Haha.. and there were kids dressed as sheep - the thing is that they weren't professional, but v sincere & it just was very genuine...& adorable! Hahaha..
Was at church at close to 7 am - followed Ai (new respect for hospi-ppl!) & saw several kids in the drama room. They must have arrived long before us to begin rehearsals. Man - that shut me up! So what if the doors don't open when you want them to, or when members don't come on time? Relax, (Jasper: Relac one corner) do what you gotta do & keep ur attitude right! =) So proud of the CHC children - they're gonna be worldshakers! =)


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