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These past week or so at school, have been exposed to a lot of the existent wrong doctrines that are popular, so to speak, in our generation. Some I don't know the answer to. Some I realize are existent in various forms, in my own life.

That got me thinking more deeply, spurred on by some stuff that happened.

I realize that no matter how many times we hear something, unless we get it in our spirit, we don't really get it at all. Perhaps that is the purpose of trials, of discipline through our mistakes.

I learnt this week, the cure to compromise. To be disciplined concerning myself. I, no, we who call ourselves Christians and sometimes pride ourselves to be more knowledgeable etc. over non-believers or other Christians, we need to learn to judge ourselves according to the standard that God set in the Bible. Yes, 'have to' as in, it's definite. No maybes, no compromises, no gray areas and 'according to case-by-case basis'.

Everytime we can't understand WHY we are going through things, everytime others are discipled, we have to learn to be introspective - that is, to know how to reflect on your own behavior and judge yourself. Don't go whacking people around with the log in your eye! ;D

If anyone should ask who I'm referring to, I lift my own hand and wave it. Learn from my mistakes. =)

Don't judge God through your own eyes, through an understanding built on what, 20 years of human existence, still getting allowance, failing exams and making mistakes! If you can't understand, pour it out to God, don't brood over it as if there could be a chance that you could properly build your case against God!

The thing is, we only need to truly experience breakthrough from an act of discipline and obedience ONCE, for us to learn how to keep breaking through with God. Don't let your intelligence, your achievements and what you think you should get and have, keep you from all that God thinks you should get and have. Resist the voice of rebellion!


Jang said…
Jo. This is a great post. something we all needed to know. and seriously, you need a tag board! haha. keep on being an inspiration yeah! i wonder if you ever read my comments. >_<

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