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on hands and knees

yea quite excited abt all these stuff coming up in the next few months

1. New house - moving by May 26th

2. POS - May 31st!!!!!!!!!!! O.O'''

3. Emerge - May 31st - Jun 2nd ^^

4. Beloved cousins coming over! Mid-June & Mid-July!

5. Redang trip! Snorkeling! XD Jun 3rd - 7th WOO~

6. SERMON ON THE MOUNT - it's exciting to be on the same page as the rest of the church. :'@ v touched :)

are there words enough to express
the me crying out for you
sweep aside all other things
i'm coming in pressing in
i say i decide i persist
that i want more
i will receive more
i will get my breakthrough
the road sweeps wide in front of me
my flesh despairs
but my spirit leaps with joy
that i still have a chance
to do things right
no matter the detours
i still have time
oh God take me beyond this flesh
that experiences tiredness
that is easily depressed
that cannot love beyond things i understand
i want to see -
depth beyond the natural
i want to hear -
your voice of hope speaking into my situation
your plans for me
remember me
i am not plan B
i want to find that place in your heart
you've set aside for me
i want to feel -
your hand shield me
from my fears
uplifted in spite of grief
your calming hand when i am losing control
i want to perceive -
well of others
the possible in the impossible
life concentrated
doesn't matter how ppl disappoint
doesn't matter how things fail
doesn't matter if there's injustice
because my foundation
will be You and me
and we will go on from there
we will walk forward from there
no turning back
even if i dance alone
I will live on
because any other way is the easy way out
and I know You will approve


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