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AI! a public apology for being too lazy n insensitive to devote a paragraph to you! XppPpp so i shall make up for it with an 'AILEEN' post! woo~!

=) thanks Ai! you're the sweetest! =) thanks for taking the time to really beautify little gifts and cards.. though we're not living tgt anymore, but it's really gratifying to know that us twins are still in your thoughts! Really thank God for His wisdom in putting people like you in my life. I think He also know what a big POK i am, and even though we're so different in characters etc. but He use you to teach me how to relax, teach me to like Korean dramas (HARHAR), to be open to new stuff and generous to friends! Hahaha.. I laugh even remembering all the times when we 3 are watching a movie (after finally deciding on one we ALL like T.T''), and Je and I are heatedly discussing and dissecting the movie plot, you really bring the balance with your 'HUH?! Can you all just watch the show without talking so much???'

Ya.. it's really the little things that I miss a lot abt living with you and your family. Seriously, I realize how impt it is to have a church member or a fellow Christian in sight throughout the week, to keep you God-focused and push you to pray more.. not only Jean, but you and esp your mom too, and getting to know how Eileen is growing, gives me more reasons to put aside how i'm feeling and everything about me, to focus on what's impt. =) Laugh louder while watching drama - then we can hear you guys and laugh along here in Pasir Ris! Love you LOTSLOTSLOTS and really, make a decision and keep seeking a breakthrough for God! Keep RUNNING! Praying for you and keeping you in mind!

From a cousin who loves you,


leenbean said…
MOJOJOJO! I LOVE YOU TOO! haha actually i didn't mean for u write an entire post but well i am so touched and honoured! *tear* heehee. anyway jiayou and lets keep each other going always k? -=D hugs - leenie

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