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Win Some, Lose Some

Just got a taste of how it must feel to be retrenched...or dumped by SMS. LOL.

See, I got a new tuition job supplementing a kid's other math tuition around 2 weeks ago. That's the duration I've to teach without pay.

I guess I wasn't being strict enough, or I took too long to warm up. But after rushing home from school today to grab a 10 minute dinner before heading out for tuition, having psyched myself up for it even though I was ready to just sit on the MRT floor to sleep, got a late SMS from the agency saying the tuition kid's father had decided to terminate my contract. Yeah, so just like that, no direct word from him or any communication, my 10 minute dinner wasn't 10 minutes no more.

In the end, it wasn't about the money really, but the way this sort of confirms stereotypes about Singaporean parents. But one thing in the midst of my disappointment with how this turned out (I should be glad for the time freed up), I thank God that at least, looking back, I've no regrets about not putting my all into something.

One thing that Lisa Bevere said, sometimes we tend to go through life holding back because we'd like to protect ourselves when we fail by saying, "hey, at least I didn't give it my all. I could have done better if i'd tried." I can totally understand that - it's how I went through my whole education till date.

But yeah, gotta know that putting yourself out on a limb is always a risk. But it's better to "have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all".

Alright, gotta go work hard for my grades ;D

Last month of Arise & Build guys, Aza Aza!


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