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Yay! =) My tuition kid's out of her doldrums - it was amazing seeing the change in her. I remember when I had to spend a couple of sessions counselling and assuring her and her mother, that things would work out for the better... I definitely went out from there wondering if I could handle the extraneous responsibilities this tuition job seemed to require of me! I don't know what changed her mind - but I know that every good tuition session happened because I'd pray before I knocked on the door - be it outside at the lift lobby (Hoping no one suddenly popped out!) or in the MRT.

It's not that I LOVE teaching. But I think anyone with a love for something, like Dixon and his designs, Cel with her acting, Mic with her basketball, Tim with his love for marine life... you won't need to know how to teach, to want to impart some of your passion to someone. And I definitely feel strongly that no one should 'fail' in life, just because they may not be scoring well or can't grasp English.

Anyway, I'm just psyched that things are improving. =)

Something else happened today that really got me thinking. An elderly man came up to me straight at the bus interchange and asked for money, in very cultured English! "Excuse me, could you spare me $2?"

"Sorry, I don't have $2 (this is the honest truth!)"


Ok, I had that - and here's what got me. I said "No." And immediately felt horrid. I went home on the bus wondering why I should be feeling this way - he's able-bodied, definitely stronger than men I've seen slaving away as gardeners and cleaners; why should he do nothing and get something?

And I remembered Paul Scanlon's 15 minute revolution.

I wondered why why why my visceral response could be opposite from what I mean to do. It brought to mind how we've been taught to plan, to make decisions and adopt attitudes in anticipation of circumstances and things cropping up as opposed to reacting. It also brought to mind a certain verse Jang scribbled on my noticeboard, about hope and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes opinions are formed and decisions made without conscious deliberation. That's how one grows hardened in the face of all the information and events happening. Well, if anything, it's a lesson learnt! =o)


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