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After this Emerge, it's really a new faith that is placed in my heart that the Christian walk is possible and there's a new thing everyday of my life. No doubt about it that the devil is working hard. More and more each day, I hear people backsliding because of reasons that are acceptable by the world's standards, but when you look through the perspective of God's GOODNESS that none of us deserve yet have experienced, there's no acceptability about these reasons at all.

I very sincerely add this disclaimer that I'm not talking about people I know who've backslided, but myself and my own attitudes and mentality ever since I joined church. If anything, my heart has only just begun to begin the Christian walk which my body has these past 5 years.

Truly, everyone was tired this year. (THANK GOD FOR PASTORS WHO LAY DOWN THEIR LIFE - TIME WITH THEIR FAMILY, TIME DOING THINGS THEY ENJOY MUCH MORE, TIME PURSUING MORE 'SELF-FULFILLING' ACHIEVEMENTS etc.) Either physical or spiritual. I'm so GLAD that this year was a year that there wasn't much hype BUT there was SO MUCH MORE --> God. It was really a matter of making a decision to go seek God, knowing the price tag, even though you're tired, even though you've just quarreled with someone else over reserving seats (!!!) etc etc. NEVER in my life have I done that - actually find God when everything in me did not want to, saw no point in, was not motivated to do so!

In God, there're always BUTS when it comes to us, His children. We sinned, we're condemned as Satan is, which is why God has destroyed him, cos the unsaved are the hostages. BUT He created a loophole, Jesus, to save us.

What Chen Diya, runner-up of the Project Superstar, and who came to sing - what she said is so true. We are only young ONCE and we have only this one life to live. I don't want to come to the end of it successful by the world's standards and satisfied with my own goals, when I'm actually completely MISSING OUT on the BEST standard out there! Like what Liu Geng Hong said too, that despite the temptations he faces as a Taiwanese singer smack right in the middle of the 'worldly' crowd, what keeps him in God is the desire for God's BEST for his life. Everything else that isn't given by God to us isn't IT. Period. Keep on going, stop comparing, start seeing yourself as how God sees you. And that is that you're something HE made - every fault and mistake He tolerates, because of the greatness He placed in us and the fact that at the end of the day, WE ARE JUST NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS, TRYING OUR BEST TO LOVE GOD THE WAY HE LOVES US AND DOING ALL WE CAN TO DISPLAY GOD'S LOVE TO OTHERS, NOT GOD'S LOVE TO US CHRISTIANS.

Take responsibility = 1. acknowledging your weaknesses
2. DOING something about it



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