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So many things to thank God for! Sometimes during CG though, i'll be like, eh i know i have something to share but what(?!?!) during testimony time. Lol.. ok, just a list cos it's 0133 and there's church this morning (YEA!) so a bit 'seh~' (my new word =D)

1. God
as in, not in the 'ya must put God first in everything so yea, here it is, evidence. gr.' but really, this year's emerge, with Pst's Sermon on the Mount series preparing the way, it really did it. And the fact that God pursues us with His love, even surrounding non-believers with his common grace, so that whether most believe in God or not they will still be able to live life successfully. The evidence is all there. Forgot to pray? yea, but He still shows up. I finally feel like I'm starting to see colors, breathe fresher air, move more freely.. and like the song;

Better than the riches of this world,
Better than the sound of my friends' voices,
Better than the biggest dreams of my heart,

So really, God, just for that introduction of this new chapter, TOP RAVES FOR GOD! Hurrah!

2. Good friends that edify me spiritually:
and this is v important esp when you're not a good friend in the hugest sense of the word. it's great to have friends who make you laugh, help you forget the circumstances you're in, even give advice on how to escape stuff you think you don't need in your life. but it's coming back to reality, real solid rock under your feet, a sense of support that gives you the courage to face your weaknesses and love yourself, love others, and most importantly, revealing God to you; that's what a 4D life is about. And really wanna thank ppl here:

- jean: for the homeground support, your loyalty in the face of my moods and spasms. Sometimes i really feel being born with a twin, it's like being equipped with a helper - like, look no further, Jeannette's here!

- Sheila: for being one of the few ppl in my short 19 years, who drew out an important characteristic of myself that i thought i'd lost somewhere along the line. i find that with u in my life, i've dared to do things that i'd never thot i WOULD, you know, walk the talk eg. Redang trip, cheerleading (for goodness' sakes), shopping (money on clothes??? never!) showing love

- Mic: the no-nonsense lady that will not take lame excuses, but still marshmallowy enough to keep pouring herself out for ppl like me. you teach me how to be a better person and you don't even need to speak!

3. Good company eg. Bean, Polar - um, man, Sharky, Dom (do you DOM? :D), ISAAC, etc., who'd make time just to hang out and get to know each other. it's times like this that keep building on my wanting to fellowship more and love what is of God. and really, my life is enriched just by knowing you ppl who're all so different but cool! As a byword, TRANSFORMERS is a really good movie. one of the best i've seen in a VERY long time. serious.

4. PPl in my life who've, in one way or another, kept me in church till i could be touched by God: joshua, Shi yun, Zhi jian, Amanda, MK, Jocelin, Gerald, Sean, Nianying, Lil Sharon, KANG TWINS, Swee fan, Calvin, Pamela(!)

5. Ppl in my life who've LAID DOWN their lives for me:
CHU TING, MINDY, BOBBY, SIMON PETER, JOCELIN, MICHELLE.. it's really an honor to know you guys and even say so!! O.OD


Anonymous said…
I hope I'm as sweet as marshmellows too! =D

- Michelle

P.S. See I try!
sHarOn said…
hey im included!! lol.. glad to be of impact(pun intended) haha.. take cares!
-little sharon-
HI JOANNE!!! pam (from vj) here!!! haha. go visit my blog k! and link me too! hee. anyway.. i saw a 'pamela' in ur blog entry! is that pamela me?! or some other pamela?! heehee.
nathaniel said…
My name is been mention. I felt touched =)
leenbean said…
wa.. why am i not labelled under friends.. i feel so hurt :( sniff sniff
eSta said…
joanney ! i was laughing so hard at the 'do you DOM ?!' hehes !

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