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I've been giving some thought to what you asked, MK - how can God be so terrifying and yet so loving at the same time?

When i was young, i greatly disliked the time of the day when my parents came home from work. i guess they must have been really stressed up because all i remembered about them in that point of time were scoldings and doors slamming. i remember my mom grabbing a long cardboard roll and shouting at us to get out of the room, but she stood between us and the door, meaning to give us a whack as we obeyed her.

but then i would also remember how my mom would get up at 5 to prepare breakfast for us - i don't remember her complaining for those 6 years of my primary school years. i think she understood that we were just children, we couldn't understand.

and it's only now that i can understand what God's love is like. in everything that my mom does, be it scolding, lecturing or giving us kisses and staying up to watch korean dramas with us, she has never wavered in her love toward us. in fact, perhaps it was because she loved us so much, that she'd be even more disappointed and frustrated in the face of our ignorance. maybe in a bigger way, God is like that. i may hate getting scolded, but i can be sure that every motivation behind the act is due to his love for us.

how can we deny God anger when he has all the right to it?


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