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braving it

today was a bit tough. it's the end of the first week of SOT, Sunday, 11th May. it's pretty amazing how i only start to get my dates right when i work, cos i have to help with marking out products*! lol..

pastor Aries was preaching about ceilings, or limits the other day. i think i've reached my mental one. no, not that i'm going mad. but i guess it's good to get sober once in a while n not be so high n noisy. lol. i'm impacted abt how when you breakthru, pst said tt to bear each other is to walk alongside and not run ahead (although ya, that's great to have the desire). but really, while my goal is my walk with God, i must say i really need ppl around me to inspire me by their walk! =)

anyway. mental ceiling meaning u start forgetting things, can't handle all the info etc. and that's how i end up, on Mother's Day, working on level 2 of airport, while my family celebrated at Swensen's at basement. i only saw them afterwards for 5 minutes!!! ><grumpy bear for all of... a few hours before i could get my break. 3:<
thank God tho when i apologized for my grumpiness, my partner Rad was like: huh, that's your bad mood? 2-tuft-guy HAHAHAHA! no lah.. how to be angry at them.. i always sian a bit before work because i prefer fellowship w my family or friends... BUT GOD always turns things around la. lol.. so OK ba..

today was tough though, more than usual. i shall not write essay but squeeze into point form:
- weird vibes from customers eg. a-suspected-crooked-female-friend of our resident evil & guys.

please don't get the wrong idea. i'm not secretly flattered at all cos the kind of vibes are firstly, same-sexed and secondly, shock when i start heaving things around cos of my grumpiness. lol... i was like, shaddup let me do.
-->my manager even asked: "Joanne do u have a boyfriend?" (he's married T.T)
& i was like, "it's complicated. you see... i'm not straight."
manager + Rad: O..O
Rad: WHAT?? (she's a girl.)
due to my tiredness, i was like: "eh... straight means what ah?"**
lol.. but the main gist was that later, my manager was, "oh..." as if he understood why i cannot get guys. T.T

no more calling me handsome or wadeva k. >=( power of confession is real!

haha.. acherly not laughing la, i'm really upset at myself for not being sharp enough to keep on top of my schedule. on the other hand, i was praying that God please honor my time: in a way, i'm working cos i wanna let my yes be yes and my no be no, meaning, to bring glory to God where i work cos i dun back out n be irresponsible. it was really my bad, not that it made things better. but i'll have to learn to trust God with my family. ;D

Mom: eh, can buy me this Joyce Meyer book.. (point at "learning how to speak wisely***") Or which one you think better?
J: this one la! "How to hear from God".
Mom: huh but isn't this one better? (point at "learning how to speak wisely***")
J: eh no.. you see ah, u hear from God right, then He teach u wat to say lor! (applause hahaha) I was lidat --> ^^D wa not bad jo, not bad.
Mom: orh.. ok lor. how much ah?
J: Aiyah... mother's day la! present ah, present.
Mom: orh.. ok.. mother's day present ah. (pause) am i very thick-skin? HAHAHA

Sheila should be thinking: now i know where Jean gets her thin-skin-ness from. ;DDD

- having to go trashing and shopping alone. this procedure requires one to push a noisy trolley down to basement where the buses are to throw trash into a smelly compactor, and with smelly hands, pack stuff from storeroom to shop. lol. no dun worry. i do my utmost to be clean. aiyah.. human being not so fragile one ah. relax.

anyway why ppl usually go two by two is not cos they follow Jesus' way of sending people out. is cos they understand have to protect the gals from any potential dangers. not any slight to races, cos even chinese are potential, but there are groups of workers below who are... well, groups. you know. so ya lah, a girl kena tekan also no one to know. from experience, the police guards themselves aren't giving a sense of security either. (like eh, all work at airport doesn't mean colleague ok???)

so sometimes i'd be like, ok, faith. other times, i jump when the silly announcement turns on to advertise some service in transit area. at 12 midnight i tell u. ya. which leads me to the next point!

- the shopping list, aside from odds n ends, consisted of all the cartons of milk in the cooler in the storeroom.

happy joanne trots down happy to have a chance to jalan with the trolley. happy joanne's face pales when she counts 10 boxes, meaning 120 cartons of milk, plus one box of evian bottles w dunno how many bottle inside. i was like, ok can, just try. but when everything was loaded up so that i looked like i was pushing an ntuc trolley instead, i was like, OH GOD STRENGTH LIKE SAMSON PLEASE I PRAY U KNOW THO MY HAIR IS SHORT! i'm like 25 degrees from the floor trying to move the whole thing. hahaha... but i was like, while coming up n seeing so many ppl at the departure gate whom i've to walk thru as stylishly as possible, (i mean, potential customers u know?) i really dunno whether to laugh or cry. HAHAHA. so i just look at the ground and think, one box at a time, hut two three four... more like one beat rhythm k.

as Joseph would say: "happy time!" lol.

ok.. my back is aching but i'm so glad for tmr! cos new week = new strength from God. if this week is anything to go by, i expect renewal from God =) He's good! Happy Mother's Day!


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