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today (tues) began with a proclamation at 2 am: "it's going to be a goooooddd day!"

this is what happened.

my good mood lasted till the train ride to Boon lay. it sort of lasted through the good worship session (we were late so no praise session for us! =\). then it vanished when i wanted pastor to justgiveatwohourbreakforgoodnesssakescosI-AM-SO-TIREDDDDDDD.

i just know Pst Meng caught me in various sleeping poses at the back row. praise the Lord.

next, grumpiness followed me back to Pasir Ris MRT. where i unchained my bike, left a 'tsk' for the person who threw a used tissue on my bike, swung my leg over to begin pedaling... ... and realized someone stole my bike seat (by the way, this is a common phenomenon this year so be warned Easties!). (!) let's see, i dunno why i was kinda blank. there was anger, but i also felt this funny reaction of wanting to laugh. like, so ridiculous. my life is becoming a drama. so everything balanced out and i was blank till i'd walked halfway home. then i felt nothing but sweat.

so ok, look so stupid pushing a bike with 2 wheels. so i start riding the bike in this weird position as if i were sitting down on this air seat (look what look, the newest invention k, invisible seat!). but seriously, butt MUSCLES (ahem) ache!!! ah, then i started getting a little pissed at the thief. went home, got a semi-i know it's not really your fault but a little bit still your fault - lecture from my dad.

set the pot on the stove for tom yam noodles (the reason why i was rushing home... to my feel good session of maggi mee). rushed to undress & got a message from my colleague to meet at orchard mrt to pass her the presents for 2 other colleagues (i'm in partner enthusiastic team.. birthdays, outings.. etc.), which were to be presented today because it was their BIRTHDAY & there was a store meeting. So. I took the pot off the stove, bye bye happy session, and trying to think happy thoughts, proceeded to finish sewing (6 years after my last home-ec class) the green aprons for the gifts.

then, get this, this is the funny part, i took a nap of five minutes that prolonged itself to 3 hrs. so ring ring goes the handphone & aileen calls and ask, 'where are you?' i'm thinking, 'what?where?who?how?' & then everything floods in.


that mental conversation repeated itself while i furiously smsed 'sorry! sorry!' messages all around for 15 minutes. meanwhile, my legs were bringing me to the wardrobe, to the toilet, where i engaged in some table-pounding, and finally i was ready to get on the cab (ka-ching!) to the meeting place with the rest of the subzone connect group leaders.

so ok, yay, nice taxi uncle. so blank mood comes back while i do further sms-ing to make restitution now, beyond my endless sorries and chest-thumpings. so talk talk talk... reach alr, swipe card pls i'm broke and dun wanna know the state of my account thanks uncle. and for 10 minutes, he attempted to get the stupid reader to accept and approve my card. until the people waiting outside walked off in disgust. until i also slapping my head thinking, 'dramadramadrama talk abt a series of unfortunate events'. then i promised the nice uncle that i'd transfer the money to him instead and rushed out...

to stand outside the condo for 30-40 minutes, calling and waiting for someone, SOMEONE to direct me to the precise meeting place. finally, after struggling between anger and taking responsibility for my own failure to manage my time and thus land me in the beginning of this tribulatious day... i walk up to the quite nice security uncle who told me without much ado (T.T) that the 'group of young people' supposedly going for a 'party is it?', were in which block and which unit.

and there, i met God again. hai... God... a bit too dramatic right.

but yeah. God likes a show, that He knows ends well. so i must 'perform' well and respond right. Amen!

lesson learnt... ok God? ok? ^^D


Anonymous said…
wa. so many blog entries all of the sudden. now i have to skimp them! hahahaha. not complaining

jiayouu for everything. make me kopi one dayy



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