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surrounded by giants

AHHHH surrounded by the giant of computer incompetence. i deleted my previous post just by going to another site. neh mind. wait i try to remember. ok, ahem, here goes.

there are good giants and bad giants. (wa.. powderful right.)

christian life is not a war between grasshoppers and giants. it's a war between grasshopper-mentalities, good giants and bad toothless lions.

haha.. explained by title. so u guys out there there there wun think, oh no, emo valley-post. haha.

on the flipside, today is GREAT! (though the non-great parts is cos of people not being there to share it for one reason or another. Budden I know Lajang sure v fun understudying today!) =) how to explain. tsk! must create a language with expressions de. oh yah, that's emoticons. okok.

Ya~~ during SOT, when Pst Derek told us to turn to our neighbor and practice flowing with the Spirit by speaking a Word or just to pray and minister over the person (minister the person? minister on the person?), it was SO COOL! I seriously was so psyched that really - i dunno if it's REALLY the first time but like JX said, this one is definite) - Holy Spirit used me to speak over Jean! Lol.. the funny thing is that afterwards we can turn to each other and ask "eh, zun bo?" lol.. everyone so scared sa la. But I was vvvveehhhh encouraged that Jean said: "Eh! How you know?" ... Man... those are the best words to hear can.

Ya. I really thought my excitement over that could not be beat... as in, so soon la. Then - CGM! Can i say, i was really v touched when JX asked us to write down an experience with God that we know that we know that we know is REAL. And when I finished my um, one sentence, (cos I scared have to share) & look at others finish their, ahem, essay, I was v touched that beyond what we know of each other, there is so much more that God knows and is secretly touching & changing. THAT'S PRETTY COOL!

Yeah.. it's great. You know, before we entered SOT (acherly this wk is the 1st wk for many of us Uni students to start going), knowing that 7 ppl from W345 would be going was exciting & comforting, and yet there was pressure as well. On one hand, you know where you are or aren't in your spiritual walk. On the other, you know the expectancy of your leaders and pastors. It's like, oh dear, i really hope that thru this we can help W345 in the sense tt we bring in greater spiritual knowledge to everyone, budden WHAT IF i go in le, still never change. Oh no! They'll find out i'm a FAKE-O! ><''''''

So really, to be able to come for cgm and see a change in the atmosphere because we know that thru our prayers and our leaders' prayers, that during the week God is working in our individual lives (if you are feeling dry, it only means tt God is working twice as hard!), man AWESOME. Really I wanna do that - be equipped, then sit back and watch God take over. I was totally bowled over from the start of Jingxuan's message, from the title to ministry. WAAAAAA... everything click click click. tell you one thing man, God knows what He's doing. ;D

Ya. know what, I'm gonna end here. half cos tired le, half cos, if u wanna know what happeneded, ASK! ;D cheers!


Jeannette said…
muahahahahaha........ok! i shall come over and ask! =) - Jean
Anonymous said…
i also wanna ask. what happened!?

- mic
revivalist7 said…
sure will have change de =)

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