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heartfelt thanks for my sister

it is true what pastor says about u attracting what you fear. like how i always fear emo people or dunno how to treat them, or become overly critical abt those that wear their hearts on their sleeves. i realize that i am seasonal. it's taken me years to conclude that it is people like Jean, who i've always 'adviced' to 'not be so emotional' and to 'ask God to sanctify your emotions', who are the ones that are truly strong.

it takes strength to pursue what you know you need. regardless of whether other people are as enthusiastic as you about something. it's true in simple things like praise and worship. can u imagine, i had to learn how to jump and praise God. i took at least a year before i did. Sheila's eyes almost fell out of her head. now when i see people like Sophie and Jingxuan, leading praise and worshipping God, meaning what they say even when everyone else is self-conscious and not getting into it, i'm inspired to do what u mean, and mean what you do.

** aside, that's y i think that's the true importance of being early to service n cg. Apart from being there FOR GOD, u have to know that coming late deprives ppl like Jingxuan, who are keeping their eyes peeled for latecomers, from getting 100% into worship! i was really quite irritated with stuff like ushers poking u out of worship to ask u where ur members are!!! ><

Jeannette, i just wanna say that i admire you for being brave and strong enough to face your emotions, face who you are, your shortcomings and even that of others, and still continue loving and hoping and being content with where God place you! if anything, the reason why i'd wanna stop being angry & negative, stop being defensive and emotionally-shut down, it's cos i see how you live life, and know the truth that that's how Jesus would live it. Never once have i seen you respond to some snub in anger or hurt pride. You always dare to allow your emotions to be hurt, just so that people know you care. Love u and appreciate you lots!


Estella said…
just to say Hello, :)
Anonymous said…
im touched!

Kuang said…
i am very touched too. :) thank you for the 'call to be early' too. haha


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