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Love is in the air...?

(3:0.) hmm.. feels like the season of BGRs, whether fulfilled, in the making or preconceived. Lol... my eyes almost fell out of my head when I saw the cover of Harvest Times. I was like, 'Whoa, Pst! Very sharp!' But then, that's after his dramatic telling of the 'Please stop match-making me... the person I want... is you!' thing... I wonder if he's behind it!

Heh.. I've always been one of the youngsters chuckling behind my hand when Pst made those jokes about those singles who were 'feeling the urge to merge'. Now, with my 20th birthday just, (egads) around the corner, I'm suddenly looking around and seeing that I am now in that category of singles! (joanne clutches at cheeks & looks for a way out)

Lol.. I can frankly say that I'm feeling the pressure. Not just because people I know are beginning to pair up, or coming to me to confide about their ex-es, but because of the whole stereotype of us being now of marriageable age, and therefore naturally scouting the market for our better half. Humph.

I can imagine Michelle's bemused expression already. I don't really know how to convey this. Lol, it's not as if I haven't had my share of high-school crushes (notice I'm not even attempting to look back on those embarrassing memories). Nor do I NOT believe in love ever happening to anyone. I do find myself smiling at families, children, sweet-meant-to-be-not-all-over-each-other-in-public couples... but for the life of me I cannot picture myself ever behaving that way to any guy!(!!) nope... still no.. eew.

I guess one of the only examples I can use to illustrate my point is this: when I was on the brink of entering university, it was pretty surreal how all our years of mugging-then-forgetting-everything-once-the-papers-are-over must suddenly count for knowledge needed in our future careers. Future being IN-4-YEARS. It was like, after so many years of being a student in a uniform being told when and how to answer my exam questions, I couldn't really fathom how I'm supposed to suddenly fit into this independent, i-know-where-i'm-headed-and-how-to-get-there university student mold. Much less be an engineer that knows how to solve every problem given to him... WITH NO ANSWER BOOKLET!!! Haha... as nerdy as this paints me, this is the only way I know how to explain how I feel.

Though of course one always knows what she is looking for in a guy la:

1. doesn't talk about himself 24/7

2. makes sure everyone feels included and comfortable around him

3. doesn't mind looking stupid

4. cracks me up even when not trying

5. resourceful

6. doesn't think laundry is a woman's job (*whack the head then u know... T.T) (Note: 'laundry' being a general word to cover all sorts of household chores.)

7. GENTLEMANLY (please God.)

8. knows how to treat the elderly and children --- which is, say it with me, KINDLY, decently, politely, caringly, considerately etc.

9. is OK with treating girls as his intellectual peers (*ahem)

10. can have a normal friendship with girls without thinking of the possibility of hooking up with them (*AHEM)

11. knows himself enough to want to improve

12. God-centred (this is by no means a ranked list!><)

13. doesn't devote his life to nintendo, playstation, xbox... did i miss out anything?

14. open & accepting about others

15. relaxed, spontaneous, doesn't try too hard or too little

at this point, i realize it's a bit much to want all this. i haven't met a guy like that, or a girl, nor am i one either. ah well. maybe i'll pin this up under guidelines. ;D

Yea... i guess what i really wanna say is: jia you girls. there are some things that when adviced to 'lift it up to God', need to be obeyed. And this is probably the first after spiritual doubts n family crisis. somehow, i not only get this peace from God, but this impression of a half-smile. Humph. ><

I need someone to acknowledge my position of half-in-half-out-ness instead of laughing n thinking to oneself: 'give her a few more months & we'll see about that!' Heehee.


Anonymous said…
hahaha. i wasnt even having any expression! (i checked when i saw that sentence!)

- mic
jangster said…
hey jo. I'm sure you're doing the right thing. No matter what others say and your thots and notions on BGR, God will show you what you need to know IN HIS TIME. =) trust in His perfect timing.

SEAN said…
lol.. just dun be as desperate as jingxuan :X
cel said…
acknowledged. =) at present i'm in a nihilistic love mood tt tells me i'll be a career woman tt never gets married but yar, no meat lost. =P

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