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Gosh - I think the hardest thing about thinking or introspection, is abt how you portray yourself to ppl. I know opinionated ppl really push my buttons, but funny how I can come across pretty annoying sometimes. Haha.. I think that's one part I really need to face - my own contradictory nature, not others'.

Today's service was really good, in that it was totally 0 hype, 50% disciplining yourself, 50% move of God.

I was really (really really really) tired. Like stoning on my feet. First time tt I actually felt how hard it is to tell ur body that you don't wanna sleep, you wanna get this cos it really applies to you! And really.. God really moved when I moved. It's awesome! So many things that I've heard preached and talked about, things I've learnt as fact by accepting it, now I'm experiencing it like having a 'first time' every week!

Things like, 'discipline', when I'd just heard a message on it days before, I'll be challenged to do it. And then it's really, wow! So this is what it feels like to experience it on my own, not just hearing about it from others or through sermons!

So I'm really preparing myself to experience another first - a financial breakthrough!!! If there is one thorn in the flesh for me, it's parting with money. AAAHHH.. I dun wanna grow up to be a person who rolls up my notes in this tight bundle stuffed away in my shoe la... so here's a big THANK YOU to God cos I KNOW and BELIEVE and TRUST, YES YES YES, that my finances will receive a breakthrough. I don't believe in money falling from heaven; but I do believe in money that God has set aside for me =D


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Best movie ever!

I admit, I was totally sceptical at what I thought was another attempt to spoil a good thing. But musicals... haven't regretted watching a single one, from Chicago, Burlesque, Les Miserables (though I only found out it was fully a musical midway)! We live and we learn :)

Ok, here's how good it was. I went back to watch it a second time. Hee.

It's definitely one of those movies to watch alone - so you can cry at all the odd moments. I gather from the odd chuckles and silences from my fellow movie-watchers, that we were all touched by the movie in one way or the other. None of us wanted to live till we saw the end of the credits. You have to leave immediately when the lights come on though, so you can go remove any traces of the tear tracks.

Loved Belle for being both feisty and just lovely. Emma Watson, you danced beautifully; I was half-in-love with you myself! And of course Beast and the eye-rolling, bumbling-ness of him.

The best of it all was the famili…